Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sleepy Time Down South

The heat index is rising. My attention span is shrinking. Summer in New Orleans makes me drowsy—almost instantly once I step outside. It may seem counterproductive to getting anything done, but this is actually the perfect weather for daydreaming.

I sat on my back steps this morning just enjoying the smell of green and the shade even though it was already 80 degrees. It took all my concentration not to slip into a trance right then and there. Some days I just want to play hooky, put up my hammock and daydream the whole day away. (Of course, I never do.) Summer is still my favorite season, despite the heat.

Maybe because it's so easy to experience private moments in time that drag out forever, as New Orleans summer days are wont to do. To live in that moment and let the whole world fall away until it's just me and an ephemeral soap-bubble of an idea. An idea so fragile it might pop and disappear completely, lost to me forever.

Or until the next daydream.

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