Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bi-Weekly book giveaway Alyssa Day's Atlantis Unleasehed

As you look around you'll see I have some new buttons/badges made like this one above. The creator of these wonderful badges is Jenn form Sapphire Romance Realm she is working on her designer website as soon as its done, I will have it posted on the blog so you can check her creativeness out.

I am changing the weekly giveaway to Bi-weekly. Its to much for me to keep up with every week sorry. This giveaway is on Alyssa Days Atlantis Unleashed. I bought the hardcover copy and no longer need this one. This giveaway will run until June 30th

Rules you have to be a follower
This is for US and Canada. Sorry for you guys internationally, I will have my paypal set back up soon. Stinking hacker grr. So the next giveaway will be available for you.
2+ for posting on you blog, facebook or Twitter. Please leave link
And add your email.

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