Monday, June 7, 2010

Review The Dark One by Ronda Thompson

The Dark One Book one in Wild Wulfs of London
Author Ronda Thompson
Paranormal romance- Shape-Shifters
Mass paperback 341
No website the author has passed.

Book description
Rosalind Rutherford knows full well the scandal she courts when she attempts to seduce the notorious Armond Wulf—in fact, she’s counting on it as a means to escape her sadistic stepbrother’s control. Unfortunately, Lord Wulf’s better instincts prevail...although not before he gives Rosalind a tantalizing taste of what she’s missing. And when the opportunity arises to rescue Armond from a grim fate while changing her own, Rosalind knows she must seize it...

Armond can no more ignore the Rutherford woman than his ancestor could resist the temptress who cursed the Wulf men with a terrifying transformation that occurs at the appearance of the full moon—and is set in motion by love. Now, to save her reputation and his freedom, Armond must marry Rosalind. But he vows that while they may share the pleasures of the marriage bed, she will never have his heart...

Yet as strange and mysterious events bring them closer in body and soul, Armond finds it increasingly difficult to keep his feelings for his new wife locked away. Especially when the reality of unquenchable desire—and certain danger—burn stronger than ever by the light of a full moon...

Laurie's review
Rating- 3 1/2 coffins

This is a very good quick read. If you like historical and paranormal this one would be good to try. This book puts high society right on the map with all its betrayals then add a twisted stepbrother, he will make you so mad at how he treats his mom and stepsister Rosalind.

Rosalind finds herself to be wed to a man she knows nothing about. Her step bro. has set this up to pay off his gambling debt. But as you read more you’ll find the step bro has gone deeper than just money with this man and let me say its disgusting. Rosalind has thought up a way to rid herself of this predicament, she is going to rid herself of her virtue. And she knows just who to go to for this, his name is Armond. But what Rosalind finds in Armond is something different and when she leaves him she still has her virtue. The next thing that happens Armond finds himself in jail. Rosalind knows he didn’t do the crime so she helps get him out of jail in return the help ends up twisted on her and she ends up as Armond wife. One thing she doesn’t really know is there is a curse on Armond’s family will she help or hurt the curse.

I like both Rosalind and Armond. You get to read some about Armond brothers so you know they are just as hot as Armond

I read these in order but they could be read out of order.
Reading order

1. The Dark One
2. The untamed One
3.The Cursed One
4. Anthology Midnight Pleasures
5.Anthorlogy Love at first Bite

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