Monday, June 28, 2010

Interview with my used bookstore owner. giveaway contest one book autographed by Gena Showalter

I have a wonderful used bookstore in my town its called Bettie's the owner is Kim Bouce. I asked her for an interview, so you could get a little in site on how one is operated and maybe buy some books;)

Laurie-Would you tell us a little about yourself?

Kim-Hi, my name is Kim Bouce. I have been married for 22 years to my husband, Danny and we have 2 boys, Daniel 15 and Jason 10.

Laurie-Why did you decide on a used bookstore?

Kim- I have always wanted to open my own business and as I love to read when the opportunity became available I decided to go for it.

Laurie-How does a used bookstore work?

Kim- I get all my books from my customers. They bring in the books and I give them a 1/4 of the list price as credit and I sale the books in the store for half price.

Laurie- What books do you take in?

Kim- I take in almost all the authors. I need them to keep some of everyone in the store. There are a few older authors who have passed away that we don't take anymore.

Laurie- What is the bestselling genre?

Kim-Romance is still the best selling genre. Paranormal is becoming more popular everyday and is selling very well. Westerns are always great sellers for men and women. Christian fiction is also very popular.

Laurie-What is the hardest to get genre?

6 Right now Paranormal is the hardest to get genre and I would like to have a lot more. Most paranormal readers seem to keep their books.

Laurie- How much time does it take to run the store?

Kim- It doesn't take much time to open or close the store. In the evenings I have to total the amount or credit given each day and total my drawer.

Laurie- How does this work?

Kim-All the books taken in that day have to be put on the shelf's in innovatory in our stock room. Stocking is done daily and often after hours. There is times when you have to come in on your days off but theirs parts of owning your own business.

Laurie, Ky and Lover of Romance all wants to know do you read your books that should be on a shelf?

9. I love owning a bookstore. I love talking to people everyday about the books they read and how they liked or hated them. Of course, one of the best is getting first pick of all the books that come in. That's one of best perks of owning your own bookstore.

Now do you need some books? Kim would be happy to help just call her at the store or email her your list.
bettiesbooks@yahoo(dot)com or 615-443-6303
Kim is closed Sunday and Monday

Now for the giveaway. Kim had Cathy her employee and friend picked out 5 books for the giveaway they are:
1.Linda Lael Miller McKettricks of Texas Tate,
2.Nicole Jordan To Tame a Dangerous Lord,
3.Tammy Kane Breath of Fire,
4.Mysteria Lane this one is signed By Gena Sholwalter when she was in town, it has Mary Janice Davidson, Susan Grant Gena Showalter and P.C. Cast
5 Addicted by Charlotte Feathersone

Open for inside the US only and you have to be a follower. This will giveaway will end midnight July 5th. Leave a comment or question and your email.
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I had posted a post a few weeks back about questions on this interview. I have 4 ladies who gave me questions to pick from, I wanted to let you know, I going to give each one of you an extra entry. I have had a few things go wrong on my end on this interview. If you see your question with my name beside it, I sorry some of the questions got mixed together and after the fact I had no clue who was who's.

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