Sunday, October 3, 2010

Review of Passions of a Wicked Earl by Lorraine Heath

Passions of a Wicked Earl #1 London's Greatest Lovers series
Author Lorraine Heath
I received this form NetGalley
Mass paperback historical
Release date Oct. 26th 2010
Authors website

Known throughout London for his prowess in the bedroom, Morgan Lyons, the 8th Earl of Westcliffe, cannot forgive an unpardonable affront to his honor. Discovering his young bride in the arms of his brother was a staggering blow–so he banished the beautiful deceiver to the country and devoted himself to the pursuit of carnal pleasure.

Claire Lyons was an innocent, frightened girl on her wedding day, seeking chaste comfort from a childhood friend. Now, years later, she has blossomed magnificently and has returned to London with one goal in mind: the seduction of her notorious husband. Unskilled in the sensual arts, she burns nonetheless for the kisses too long denied her. And she has but one Season to win back the heart of the rogue she betrayed

My Review


If you like your men tortured this this one is for you. This is a nice quick read that’s full of emotions. This one starts out with Morgan lying with his mistress. Why is he with her instead of his wife? Well you’ll have to read to find out what she done that was so bad. Needless to say this one just didn’t cut it for me in the romance department. The sex is good and this has a great ending. But it got too predictable for me by the middle of the book. I really didn’t like how Claire was treated even though she did what she did. I just felt she is the one that suffered the most from it all. If your one that loves a good sobbing story this would be an excellent book for you.

Few spoilers
Morgan is really messed up and thinks he cant find love or someone love him, so he settles for his mistress and he is with her for the biggest part of the book. His wife Claire was a silly young girl that is scared for her wedding night and does something she really shouldn’t have, so she wouldn’t have to have sex with Morgan that night. When Morgan finds out he is furious with her and takes her to another home and tells her that no man can touch her. Yet he can have all the women he wants (whatever is what I say LOL.). So Claire has to come back to his house in London and try to make a mends, it takes a long time to make it too

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