Thursday, October 7, 2010

Review Stones Skipping on Water by Richard Taylor

Stones Skipping on Water
Author Richard Taylor
Requested Review

Lust, love, envy, and murder in the mind-set of total recall: Venture capitalist John Kincaide's company has developed a memory enhancement drug called ClearThought. The inventor has overdosed on it and claims ClearThought allows him to see past lives. In one of them he claims Kincaide killed him and his lover who has reincarnated and is now involved with Kincaide. He wants her back, and revenge for what Kincaide did to him



Extaordinary Story on glimpse's of how reincarnation intertwines in our current lives.
Ever wondered why someone or something seemed similar but you couldn't put your finger on it or maybe the feeling of a deja vu where you might have lived or done it before? If so then you will find yourself relating to this story and finding it amazing how the writer has brought the lives of the past into the future to be reborn again.

I didn't know what to expect in the beginning and I thought it moved a little slow at first until I learned about the new pharmaceutical drug ClearThought that was soon to be introduced by genePharm; A new drug that would enhance your memory. Enhance your memory indeed as the pharmacist Bischof discovers he is really Henry when he tries the drug on himself and realizes his past life mingles with his current employer John who is really the reincarnate Stefan. A employer who had killed him and the love of his life Diana in the past. Diana happens to be in this life is called Vanessa and also happens to be the love of John's life. I loe how all the characters all played a role of the past and how they all ended up in the present mingled once again.

The story was weaved very well and even though the ending was sad because of death, it made sense in the fact that stones skipping through water represents our sould moving from one life to the next as it reincarnates and implants its memories into another creation advancing into the next life.

I love the quote the Taylor leaves in the book towards the end.

"There is no love without hate. There is no joy without sorrow. There is no triumph without defeat. There is no light without darkness. The stone skips."

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