Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review The Wrong Suitor by Tina Folsom

The Wrong Suitor
Author Tina Folsom
Erotic romance Western with hot cowboy;)
Novella eBook: I bought mine in the Kindle version from Amazon
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Book description
When Rancher Irving tries to attract a suitable husband for his gun-shy daughter Ellen by offering a large amount of money, she takes things into her own hands and plans to run away. But a cowboy thwarts her plan and kidnaps her instead. James isn't a cowboy, he's a rancher in need of a wife. And when he rescues Ellen from her own ill-conceived plan to escape, he takes her on a passionate and erotic journey trying to teach her that a husband does have his uses.Caution: explicit and steamy sex scenesErotic Novella

My Review

 A sweet and sexy story, I loved it. This is a short novella it took me a little over an hour to read. So if your looking for a sexy ride that wont take up your whole weekend this is an excellent choice. I very much enjoyed it.

Ellen is a pure spitfire. She is still not married and now all of a sudden is having men come and seek her hand in marriage. She knows something is up and has to find out. Ellen doesn’t want some cowboy she wants romance and poetry, so she is not going to take this lightly and has plans to escape, one way or another.

James has seen Ellen at a dance before and liked her. Now he hears her father is offering a huge amount of money (for this time period) for someone to take her off his hands. James wants her, but he has to handle her different because she has a reputation and knows she will decline every offer, so he goes about this a different way. How you say, you’ll have to read.

This book was very entertaining and fun to read. The hero and heroine fit together so well, all they have to do is have sometime to find out how well. I found this very emotional at times. My biggest emotion was one time Ellen escapes and falls and gets a lot of cactus spines stuck in her back side. James has to help out and takes his time to get them out it was really sweet how he took care of her. The sexual tension along with the sex is very hot.

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