Sunday, October 10, 2010

Picutres from J.R. Ward's Crave book signing

I had another great time with all my friends from goodreads at J.R Wards signing again.. This time around I got a video of J.R. I hope you can here her some. I just taped a little of because I wanted you to see how much fun she is. I also got an extra crave book signed that will be given away on my blogs anniversary which will be in Dec., as time is flying that will be read soon.

Oh ya, I wanted to put a plug in for the wonderful book store there its called The Bookstore they have a huge selection of paranormal book and they also have so autographed book by Shiloh Walker if you want to call for a book the owner says he will gladly ship book to you. You find the last picture is me and a few friends, we either meet on goodreads or at a book signings. Its so much fun to make more reading friends, they always turn out more special because they become the best fiends you can find.

Here is the pictures please enjoy.

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