Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gena Showlater is coming to my bookstore!!

I know this is early to announce but I wanted to let my followers know this before old age sets in and I forget LOL.. Anyway I just found out Gena Showalter will be here on May 1st. WooHoo!! If you live close maybe you can stop in. My town is easy access and the book store is just right off the interstate. Here is the website you wont see it come up until late March/April but keep checking. I went to see Sherrilyn Kenyon last year, you don't have to buy a book but you need to be here early because you have to wait in line. While I on the subject Kenyon makes this stop here about once year:)
If I remember I will post this again sometime in April but this way you get to know early to make plans to come:)
Sherlocks Books

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