Friday, February 19, 2010

Review: Caught! by Lorie O'Clare

Caught! (book two in the Torrid love series)
Author: Lorie O'Clare
Erotic Paperback 282pgs.
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Torrid Love - Caught! By Lorie O'Clare Book 2 in the Torrid Love series. Whoever said accountants were boring, had never met Jordan Hall. Tall, dark and handsome, his determined, relentless nature isn't confined to his professional life, as Roxanne Isley is finding out. The man is sexy as sin. Saying no just isn't an option. But as one of the most successful investment brokers in the country, Jordan has a reputation to uphold and his clients' investments to protect. So when money starts disappearing from client accounts and Roxanne finds herself a prime suspect, it is not a good time to start a torrid affair with her delicious boss. Jordan Hall knows he has finally found the woman of his dreams. She's a wild spitfire and taming her will be more fun than he can anticipate. But falling for her couldn't have happened at a worse time. With the race on to find a thief and protect his business and his name from public scandal, Jordan knows that the one person he can trust is Roxanne. But when theft turns to kidnapping and Roxanne is snatched from under his nose, Jordan will do anything to get his woman back.

Laurie's review
Rating 4 1/2 out of 5
This book is really good, just enough hot sex and storyline, so you don’t get bored of either one. This is one mystery where I could say, “it’s a sexy ride trying to figure out who did the crime” the whole way.

Jordan is 40 year’s old sexy and rich, he owns one of the top investments firms in the country, he is handsome every woman’s dream, but he has only one woman in mind that he wants to make his. You see Jordan wants a D/s relationship and he wants Roxanne his to surrender to him, But he has a lot to take care of before she even thinks about it, it’s a adventure of hot sex, traders, kidnapping, new friend and jail time for one along the way. Now, I just have to get the next book……
This series doesnt have to be read in order
1.The First Time
3.After Dark

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