Saturday, February 27, 2010

Review: The Prodigal Daughter by Lorie O'Clare

The Prodigal Daughter
Author:Lorie O'Clare
Erotic trade 328 pages
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Book desorption:
With a life full of regrets, Kathryn O'Brien has nothing left to lose when she receives a mysterious letter informing her of her mother's death. Believing her mother died years ago, Kathryn journeys to a small town to hear the reading of her mother's will. What she discovers is a life she never knew could exist and one she wants desperately, but someone may be as desperate to keep her from it

Laurie's reivew
Rating 4/5
Sexual: Hot!

This book is out of print, but you can buy a disk on Lorie's website by giving a donation to her HEA program, please flow the link below if you would like to get this on disk.. Other wise if you can find this used please try this book it very good, I was so glad I can across one.
Link to get the disk

*Few spoilers*
This story is about, one daughter that lives in Arkansas Kari, she lives as a good girl with her mom. While the other daughter Kathryn lives on the very wild side in New York with her dad. The girls grew up with out knowing either exists until their mom passes in a car accident, she has a Will already made, so the girls has to come together for the reading. Here they find out their mom has several letters for them that has to be read in order, but only if one of the daughters Kathryn agrees to stay, this is where you’ll find a heartfelt story about their mom and the girls. In this story Kathryn the wild one finds love with Andy.

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