Friday, February 19, 2010

Review: Night Tides

Night Tides
Author: Alex Prentiss

One by one they go missing. And in the lake a voice cries out: “Save them. . . .”

In the darkness, in a lake in the middle of a prosperous college town, Rachel Matre feels the water caressing her bare skin, teasing her senses, drawing her body into a lush erotic embrace. For twenty years she has communed with the lake spirits this way—and told no one. The price is simple: She must help those in need.

But now a series of young women have gone missing. The police don’t have any bodies, or even a single suspect. Only the spirits seem to sense the truth. Through them, Rachel finds herself drawn into a madman’s web. She alone can save the missing women. But who can save her?

Laurie's review

1 1/2 stars

This book has paranormal romance on the back, but there is NO stinking HEA. When I see romance I think well there is going to be romance and a HEA, but these book now your lucky to get just sex forget the HEA or romance.. But anyway if you really want to read this book please read the few spoilers before buying, I have to say its kind of creepy.

The first of the book was hard to get in to because, Rachel goes into a lake and the lake makes love to her yep, its creepy too, She calls them spirits and thinks there is more than one, but she really doesn’t know anything about them. The plot starts off good except for the creepy part. There are some girls in town that gets kidnapped, so you have a decent mystery there. Now let me touch on the romance and just sex parts, she has several sexual encounters with the lake and herself. She know Ethan in a very small way, until she asks him out and that’s not until page 179 then she is on a couple of dates and spills her guts to him after sex, about the lake and he is like well, ok, (whatever! is what, I said) so that’s the romance part in other words lets skip the romance also grrrr , Anyway he goes nuts trying to find her after she gets kidnapped then she dumps him (again whatever grrr!!!). I don’t think I have ever been so mad at a stinking book, but I should have know something wrong when RT only gives 3 stars.

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