Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Review: Devl's Pact by Smamtha Curise

Devil's Pact
Author: Samantha Cruise
Erotic Trade Siren Publishing 481pgs

Book description:

DEVIL'S PACT [Erotic Western Romance/ Menage a Trois]: Epitome of pure evil, born without a heart, soul, or conscience...even his parents did not claim him. He is an outlaw who takes what he wants... The moment Devin Spawn stumbles upon the exquisite beauty bathing alone in a river, he wants her. Morality non-existent, yet he struggles to keep his distance. His sexual excesses and massive proportions would be too much for the tiny girl who appears more waifish and innocent than womanly. She is a widow with so much to give... The instant Megan Spawn feels his heated touch and potent sensuality, her flesh burns with wanton desires. It matters little he is the devilishly handsome outlaw known as the Devil's Spawn, the most feared, lethal gunslinger in the West-and her stepson. Together they risk everything in the devil's playground

Laurie's Review
rating 4/5
Bring out the fan for this Hot book!

I will be doing two versions of this review one for goodreads the other for my blog. The blog will give you juicer details for the older people;)

**Warning label** .. You may not like this review, but I have to be truthful and with these erotic books sometime’s you find you have to describe sex to let other know what they are reading, if you cant handle sex don’t read this because I don’t want to read a complaint in the box below!!

My first western I didn’t know what to expect, but this was really good. Another m/f/m with a ménage. This book is kind of pricey, it has 481 pages so its heavy not only in weight but sex wises also. This is another favorite of mine and the rest of my female family. This book has a suspense, D/s, lots of anal, spanking, bondage and tons of hot sex. I will add it takes a while before the three get together but its worth the wait.

Let me start this off with this, Devin is not small in his man size the whore house calls him “the cannon” because he has a full 12 inches on him, yep! I said that right and Caleb is not much smaller, but what really done me in was Megan is just under 5 foot, so lets get your mind to working because she takes both of them at once! but again it’s a book so anything can happen.. Now that being said I feel a need to cover this part. Devin is Megan’s son but its not what you think, I don’t want to give the spoilers for this, but just keep reading it gets deep. I wanted to let you know because I almost quit reading when I read that. I can’t do family with family even if its step and it’s nothing like that.

Now a little about Megan, she has a few secrets one is she is in love with Devin the other I don’t want to give out it has to do with her marrying Devin’s father. Lets just say this is one wild ride all they way through the book.

Caleb is really nice he is the opposite of Devin he is sweet and totally in love with Megan.

Devin is one not to tango with period, Megan finds the out a few times the hard why I might add.

I would have given this 5 stars, but Megan did get on my nerves at times, here is one example, she caught Devin in the barn with this man hood stuck up some other woman’s ass and all she did was have a fight and throw him out of the bed. But I guess this comes with the D/s relationship, it just tends to get under my skin. Plus I have questions about Dildo being available in the wild west, I’m no expert maybe they were around then, but it was weird reading about them in this time period. With all the twist and turns added with great sex its well worth the read.

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