Saturday, February 13, 2010

Romantic Fiction from a Virginia Intern

Cleavage and codpieces: A naughty book report

by Marge Weimer

In 2009, both USA Today and the New York Times mentioned the rising rates of readership and sales in the genre of Romance Fiction.

Chalk it up to the economic crises and the fact that losing yourself in a good, sexy book is way better than worrying about retirement. Or, perhaps this is a result of a shift in societal norms. Perhaps now, more than ever, women can outwardly express not only femininity and intelligence but confidence and sexuality as well.

Harlequin Enterprises Limited, one of the world’s largest romance novel publishers in the world, has been in the business of romance for 60 years.

“Since its inception, Harlequin has sold approximately 5.8 billion books,” stated the website.

Marge mentions Christie Ridgeway, Toni Blake, Kelley Armstrong and Sarah Wendell and Candy Tam/

More of the article here

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