Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Review: Flat-Out Sexy by Erin McCathy

Flat-Out Sexy
Author:Erin McCarthy
Contemporary romance trade paperback 274pgs
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Book Description:
She met him at the racetrack...
...which was the last place Tamara Briggs wanted to find a man. Even a deeply intriguing, seductively sexy man like Elec Monroe. Tamara's a single mother now after losing her daredevil husband in an accident--and she's not about to get involved with another driver and put her kids, or herself, through that again. Besides, Elec's young enough to be her...younger brother.

Now things are moving a little too fast...
But he sure does get her heart racing. And after she's tricked into a blind date with him, Tamara gives in to her passion. Things screech to a halt, though, when he asks to meet her children. Whatever happened to wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am? Suddenly Tamara has to decide how big a risk she's willing to take to experience the thrilling, terrifying power of true love...

Laurie's review
rating 5/5
Sexual - Very Hot!
I really didn’t know what to expect this was my first contemporary romance and the book is about car racing. As soon as I started reading, it sucked me in by the time I was done I ended up finding this book nothing less then fanatic! I say, “this is one fast HOT sexy ride!”

Imagine going to a party with a guy that’s a dud for one plus he doesn’t even know how to give you a real orgasm and coming out with a younger guy that rocks your world. This is just what Tamara gets, but the thing is she doesn’t want a guy, especially one that is involved with car racing.
From the start one kiss between Tamara and Elec sparks fly and it one great fast ride all the way home.

I really liked Tamara she is older and has two kids, so you know she not in the best shape it takes her a while to get over her shyness, but Elec wins her by taking it slow and easy.

I loved Elec with him being younger, he has a hard ride trying to convince Tamara this is what he wants, but he is more then ready for the Challenge. There is a few speed bumps along the way for the both of them. This is one ride not to be missed.

The kids are great in this book they don’t get in the way in the storyline

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