Sunday, February 21, 2010

Review: Blackmailed By Annmarie McKenna

Author:Annmarie McKenna
Erotic paperback 216
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Brianna Wyatt may be a victim of her father's machinations, but one look is all it takes for Cole Masters and Tyler Cannon to offer her their own style of menage a trois blackmail.

Brianna Wyatt's father is blackmailing her into doing what he wants by threatening to send her brother to an institution. She would do anything to keep that from happening, including go along with his demented scheme of her getting pregnant by Cole Masters--a man who's been rumored to share a woman with his best friend, and who leaves Brianna's innocent senses in shambles.

Cole is sure he's about to be blackmailed-why else would a man whore his daughter? But there's something about her that neither Cole nor his best friend, Tyler Cannon, can deny. They want her, and don't hesitate for a second on making their own offer. Her brother's protection for her body.

When danger flirts with Brianna's life, there is nothing they won't do to keep her safe. Including listening to what their hearts are saying.

Warning: this title contains graphic language, hot, explicit sex, bondage, domination/submission and menage a trois and is not for the faint of heart!

Laurie's review
rating 5/5
Sexual references-Sizzling hot sex

This was my first M/F/M read. I really liked it. It has some bondage, anal, spanking and public sex. It also has some humor, mystery, and excitement in the storyline. This book delivered a good amount of sex and storyline for an erotic read. I know the storyline is out there, but if we were back a few hundred year I could see this something that would happened, so It didn't bother me one bit. Remember its fiction.

Here is a little fact, I myself have read this book 3 times and it has went through 3 family members and one friend, each lady that read it loved the book.

I liked Brianna she will do anything for her brother to keep him safe. I liked Cole the first think he done was get a doctor to Brianna to try to keep her asthma under control. Tyler was great add for the trio he has the same caring for Brianna. Tyler even found Brianna's and Scottie's mother. A good quick easy read.

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