Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh. My. God. Y'all.

Finally, the third installment of The Hunger Games has been revealed!

Isn't it beautiful? *gazes up with dopey eyes* It'll be release 8-24-10, so get your amazon pre-order in now, lol!

Yes, I know I'm thirty and this is a YA series, but I've possibly gotten more joy out of Collins' Hunger Games books than any other series I've read recently, YA or otherwise. Her style has definitely inspired my own writing, especially recently. What does it say that I've got a teetering tbr pile of books, but all I reach for when I want to relax in the tub is The Hunger Games.

Okay, so maybe it's not relaxing, exactly, but it's so easy to immerse yourself into her writing, so it has that escapist appeal I look for in a bathtub read. ;)

I knew it had been optioned, but this USA today article confirms a wonderful rumor I heard:
"Collins is finishing her screenplay of The Hunger Games, the first book."

Sweet. It's already got a bare-bones imdb page, too.

Whose work has been inspiring your own lately?

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