Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Review: Colters' Woman by Maya Banks

Colters' Woman
Author; Maya Banks
Erotic Romance paperback 272 pages
Authors website

Book description:
Adam, Ethan and Ryan arent looking for women. Theyre looking for a woman. One woman to share their lives and their beds. They dont want a casual romp in the hay, they want the woman who will complete themand theyre losing hope of finding her. That is until Adam finds Holly lying in the snow just yards from their cabin. He knows shes different the minute he holds her in his arms. But before Adam gets his hopes up, he knows he has to gauge his brothers reactions. Soon its evident that shes the one. There are a few problems, howeverconvincing her she belongs with them and keeping her safe from the man who wants her dead. Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, mnage a quatre, violence

Laurie's review
Rating 5/5
Sizzling HOT sex!

This was my second m/f/m+m read. Again another favorite for my family of female's + one firend.
Who wouldn’t fall in love with three brothers that wanted to be devoted to your happiness in everyway. This is a great suspense story with loads of totally hot sizzling sex. The story starts off kind of cheesy, but between the men and the sex it well makes up for it.

* spoilers*
Adam, Ryan and Ethan is up front with what they want form Holly, it confuses her for a small time, but her attraction for the brothers makes her cave really quick, but she has a big problem, she is in need to get rid of, it’s her husband. This is where the adventure comes in getting rid of the husband maybe a harder task then they thought, but as they make that task more to reality they get a little something special added into the mix. There is no m/m in this book.

Check this out Maya is doing sequels to this book, I cant wait

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