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7 days of Eroitc Summer Heat! Day #4 Kate Douglas interview and giveaway

You cant have erotic event without the amazing author Kate Douglas of Wolf Tale's. Please give her a warm welcome.
Kate is attending the RWA conference she may stop in or have someone fill in for her. I hope she is having fun and meeting a lot of people!

Laurie- Hello Kate. I am so glad you could bring your Wolf Tale's gang over to our blog today. Your Wolf Tales are really hot and erotic all the way. Would you tell us how you came across starting these books?

Kate-Thanks for having me, Laurie. Wolf Tales began in a weird way—first as a very short story of only a thousand words that I turned into a serial to help launch the new (at the time) publishing company, Changeling Press. Erotic romance was just becoming popular and my agent showed the series to Kensington editor Audrey LaFehr, who chose Wolf Tales to launch their new line of erotic romance, Aphrodisia. I had originally written a story about a woman who has a car accident during a blizzard and is rescued by a man she never sees. After a night of explosive sex, she wakes up on the side of the road, near the site of her accident, still with no idea who her lover has been. I took that anonymous encounter, decided I wanted the man to be a shapeshifter caught “mid-shift,” and my Chanku were born. The name Chanku, by the way, is actually the local name for a sub-species of Tibetan wolf, hence my Tibetan origins for my Chanku.

Laurie-Do you have a hard time coming up with different erotic scenes in your Wolf Tales or do they come naturally?

Kate-The erotic scenes are really easy for me to write, probably because I know my characters so well. I write from a very deep point of view, which means I get into the character’s head and write each scene as they experience it. I think it makes the sex scenes more powerful and helps create the emotional connection between reader and story that’s important to making a sex scene work the way it should. Without that attachment, it becomes nothing more than pornography. We authors of erotic romance tread a fine line between a truly sensual scene and something that’s going to leave a reader feeling like they need to take a bath!

Laurie-You have been to a lot of author conventions. Would you tell us, a little of what its like as an author to go in the convention knowing your going to meet your fans?

Kate-I love conferences and conventions, mainly because I spend all my time writing and they’ve become just about my only social outlet. There’s nothing more fun than being surrounded by other readers! I think we all share a bond in that we love to read books that end well—there’s something about that “happily ever after” rule in romances that really works for me. Of course, meeting fans of my books is absolutely unreal. I’m still at the “pinch me” stage where it amazes me that people are reading and enjoying my books, that they see my characters as real people, just the way I do. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it!

Laurie-Can you tell us a little on what your working on next?

Kate-I’m just finishing up my final—for now—book in the Wolf Tales series: Wolf Tales 12. We’re going on hiatus with this series for awhile—after 21 books and novellas—between Wolf Tales and my Chanku stories in the Sexy Beast anthologies—it’s time for something new, though I fully intend to return to the series at some point and write the next generation’s stories. In this one, I’m planning to answer a lot of questions—where the Chanku originated, how long they live, and some of the secrets of their species that many of them don’t really know the answers to yet. I think it’s going to give readers some closure, while leaving the series open to continue with stories for all the kids.

Laurie-What do you have more of shoes or purses?

Kate-I have to admit to more purses than shoes, even though I generally carry just one favorite, a small Sven shoulder bag. However, our son’s mother-in-law owns a wonderful handbag shop called Clutch and I can’t walk past that store without buying SOMETHING!

Laurie-If you would give us a sizzling hot male picture of your choice.

The photo I’ve attached is my “visual” for Igmutaka, the spirit guide in Wolf Tales who takes on a human appearance in Wolf Tales 10. I see him as a rather androgynous male—described more as beautiful than handsome. I saw the picture of this model online and knew he was Ig! I think readers of Wolf Tales 10 will agree—Ruben Cortada looks just right. He’s even got green eyes!

Thanks again for inviting me to blog with you—this is scheduled to appear while I’m in Orlando at the RWA conference, so I’ll do my best to stop in and answer readers’ questions. If I can’t, I’m sure Anton will be able to cover for me.

Wolf Tales 11--coming December 2010
Excerpt: Found here at Wolf Tales 11

Places to find Kate
Authors website

Now for the give away.
Laurie: I will give away the winner’s choice of Wolf Tales VII, VIII, 9 or 10 or Sexy Beast VI, VII or VIII, and I will mail to one international winner, but choose two winners from the blog.

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