Monday, July 19, 2010

Review Jericho's Revenge by S.K. Yule

Jericho's Revenge
Author S.K. Yule
Genre: Vampire Erotic Romance
Ebook 33 pgs
Review reqested from author
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Book description
Jericho Tavi has lived, breathed, and hungered for revenge against Sabrina for killing the love of his life, but when he finally captures her, he wonders if he-s made a terrible mistake. While his mind screams for vengeance, his blood boils with desire for the beautiful red-haired siren.

Even though she-s chained in Jericho-s basement, Sabrina Johnson can-t help but find her captor irresistibly sexy. Can she convince him she-s innocent before he carries out his plan to kill her; and if she does succeed, how can she ever make a man who-s hated her for so many years fall in love with her?

My review

For a little less then 30 pages you get a small story about two vampires. One Jericho wants revenge for his dead wife. The other Sabrina knows the hatred from Jericho and stays away form him for as long as she could before she was caught and chained to the basement wall. There they find more than just hate.

This is a nice story with great sex, but its nothing grand. If you want something short and not take up your time this would fill that void. I did enjoy it and found a few surprises in the story

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