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7 days of Erotic Summer Heat, Day #3 Author Anitra Lynn McLeod

Please give a nice welcome to author Anitra. I had the privilege to win two of Anitra books from Michelle's book blog. I read the first book and have to say if you want an out of this world sensual book to read, put these on you list.

Laurie-Anitra, I am so glad to have you here during this event. You write very sensual books, can you tell us one of you favorite so far, and in that book what is your favorite sensual passage?

Anitra-Thank you for hosting me! Well, my favorite so far is the first in the Onic Empire series, Wicked Harvest. My favorite sexy scene starts around page 138 where Chur and Enovese have been at odds with one another for a while and he enters while she is bathing. He watches her, touching himself, then joins her. It's sexy but also very emotionally charged. I've always loved how Chur was so beyond alpha but also very tender and romantic without even trying. He was a delight to write. :)

Laurie-What does it take to create the perfect female lead, to the alpha male, With out making her aggravating? Or the other way around. How do you blend it all for the perfect couple?

Anitra-Oh boy, you just want all my secrets! Developing characters is tricky, especially alpha males: go too far and they come off like bullies, or creepy stalkers if they are determined to get the woman no matter what. I think the trick is to give them those kinder moments, like the scene I describe above. It shows Chur's softer side but he's still all male. As for creating a woman to match him? That's even more difficult. If she's too hard she comes off bitchy, too weak and she's TSL (too stupid to live). I think the same applies for her: show her stronger side complimenting the male, enhancing him, and he'll be okay with it and so will the reader. Not that readers are turned off by strong women, not at all, just that if the female lead always outsmarts, outlasts, outplays the man it can make her look masculine. I really had to balance this issue for my new series with Samhain since my female lead is very strong.

Laurie-Can you tell us a little on what your working on next?

Anitra- I am working on a more sensual series for Samhain called the Fringe (no relation to the FOX show) that takes place in the 25th century. Think Buck Rogers meets Firefly and you have a taste of what the tales will be like. The first novel, THIEF, will release November 2, 2010. The second novel, OVERLORD, will release May 3, 2011. These are classic romances with strong sexual tension but they are not erotic. In the Fringe series you'll find action, adventure, drama, and romance!

I'm very excited to be working with Samhain on my Fringe series but also my Onic Empire series. Sinful Harvest will release in February of 2011 with Kensington, but fans won't have to wait long for the next book: Wicked Empress releases with Samhain March 1, 2011. This will kick off the second trilogy in the series. The Onic Empire books will remain erotic romances but with this move I'll be able to explore multiple character romances and stronger erotic themes.

Laurie-What do you have more of shoes or purses?

Anitra-Shoes. Mostly tennis shoes and hiking boots. I stopped wearing heels a long time ago. I have one purse that I hardly ever use. I travel light and use an envelope billfold thing made of eel skin. I had the same one for 30 years and it finally wore out. I bought a new one that looks exactly like the old one but it's deep burgundy rather than black. I'm hoping to get 30 years out of it then I'll only have to buy one more. :)

Please if you would give us a sizzling hot male picture of your choice.

He is totally hot! ;)

Click here for her excerpts

Here is a blurb and picture or her coming soon release Sinful Harvest

Virile, golden-haired Kerrick performed his manly duties like a champion, bedding virgin after virgin with the restraint expected from a Harvester. But when his leaders decide to change the rules, the tables are turned. Kerrick becomes the sexual servant of his destined mate, the beautiful and fiery Ariss. For the first time in Ariss’s life, she is the master of her own pleasure. With Kerrick’s slow sensual hand, undeniable physical gifts–and wicked imagination–she begins to experience sensations beyond her wildest dreams. Somewhere deep inside Ariss, something powerful has been unleashed–and no man can satisfy her like the one called Kerrick…

But when lust becomes love, who is the master…and who is the slave?

Thank you so much Anitra!!

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