Friday, July 9, 2010

Guilty Pleasures: #0001

Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins... But, as us readers of romance know, sinning feels SO damn good. Most of my guilty pleasures are creamy, chocolaty, and calorie-filled. I will attempt to name 1000 guilty pleasures of mine and yours throughout the next year or so (maybe longer) in this new segment of the blog: Guilty Pleasures. I encourage you all to share yours with me as well and if they are really good, I may spotlight your pick! Just send an email!

Guilty Pleasure: #0001
Strawberry Coolatta (from Dunkin Donuts)
Firstly, I can't go more than a week without this delicious monstrosity of strawberry goodness. And of course, I order mine with whipped cream (why do you persist in ask me cashier lady,  yes I want whipped cream in my coolatta.......just like I want icing on my cakes and gas in my car..Jeez). It's sweet & tart and just slides over your taste buds.

Strawberry Fruit Bar (Popsicles)
I <3 fruit bars! Original, I never touched the stuff, but then my mother bought one from a local corner store and it was hot.....and I was hungry & desprate and........well , suffice to say my mother didn't get a chance to eat her fruit bar and I got hooked on the stuff. There are delicious chunks of real, fresh strawberries littering the bar and the syrup-like juice that drips from it as it melts is HEAVENLY! My mouth is watering right now!

Strawberry Fruit Snacks
Fruit snacks aren't just for the kiddies. I keep either Welch's fruit snacks or lifesaver gummies in my purse at all times. I munch and munch on these little strawberry poppers and next thing you know I get 'the gummy guts' (gummy guts- when you eat too much fruity, gummy candies). I can never resist!

Crush Strawberry Soda
I can never get enough of this drink! There is one made by C&C soda as well, but Crush is the best!

Plain ole' Strawberries
The almighty strawberry. I'll take it dipped in chocolate, whipped cream, dirt, salt (okay, maybe not dirt or salt). But I like it best when it is plain. I admit to a fair amount of dislike for the fruit at an early age. To be honest, I never understood how someone could eat it plain or stand it's tartness or the millions upon millions of seeds on the outside. I thought the same way about tomatoes, too. How could someone eat these things just raw, I would think to myself. But I acquired a taste for strawberries and one day, when I picked up a strawberry from the package left open on the kitchen table, I bit into it and loved it. My Advice: Don't knock it till you try it!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my vices today =) I encourage you to email me yours for future posts!

Until Next Post<3...

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