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7 days of Erotic Summer Heat! Day #5 Lissa Matthews

Please give a warm welcome to author Lissa Matthews. I won Lissa eBook Sweet Caroline from Cecile at All I want and More. When I started reading I knew I found another erotic author to add to my favorites. If you haven't read one of Lissa's eBooks please try one!

Laurie-Hello Lissa, I am so glad you could join us today. I read on your website you love all things BDSM. Can you tell us some of the toys that falls in that line you like best?

Lissa-Floggers, belts, wrist and ankle cuffs, ball gags, Hitatchi wands. However, all things BDSM doesn't necessarily mean is a mental thing, a control thing, a physical thing that has nothing to do with sex play. It's not about clubs or multiple partners or parties. It's about the intrinsic trust between a Dominant and his submissive... And it is individual to those involved. There is no one right way or one wrong way to practice, to live it. However, one should always, ALWAYS practice it safely, sanely, and consensually.

Laurie-What do you have more of shoes or purses?

Lissa- I think I have the same number of each...which isn't very many. I think I love purses a little more though... And totebags. O.M.G. I LOVE totebags.

Please if you would give us a sizzling hot male picture of your choice.

AShift Excerpt
Release date is August 24th

“Hey Charlie, let me in this room.”
“Why do you need in there?”
Carson Jenings sighed and scrubbed a hand over his face. He was tired. Tired of dreams, tired of wandering the woods at night, restless, tired of waiting on the woman to show, and now that she was finally damn here, he couldn’t get her to wake her ass up and answer the door. “I need the person inside, and she’s not answering.”
“Well maybe she’s not there.”
His patience was wearing thin, and he hadn’t slept in days. Dreams of her kept him up, kept him hard and aching and hungry. All he could do to try and ease the frustration in his body was run and hopefully wear himself out. Knowing she was coming though just kept his nerves on edge. She wasn’t here for him, but she was his. Melanie said Ruby would come, and she’d been right. Now all Carson needed to do was get to her without scaring the shit out of her by breaking the door down. Not to mention, his brother Patrick wouldn’t be happy with him if he did it either. “Charlie, it’s seven in the morning. She flew cross-country so she’s got jetlag more than likely, and she’s not used to our little world up here. Trust me, she’s in there and chances are, she’s still getting her beauty sleep.”
“Okay, well don’t tell anyone. I’ll get in trouble for it if Patrick finds out.”
“Won’t breathe a word.” Carson made a motion of locking his lips and throwing away the key. Charlie seemed to believe him and slid the master into the lock, and it popped open. Carson mouthed a thank you and slipped in silently. Sure enough, she was still asleep. The curtains were drawn over the windows, and what little light there was came from the small lamp on the chest of drawers on the opposite side of the room. The only sound was his breathing and the small nasal snore from the woman in the bed. His woman.

Melanie had been concerned with how her sister was going to take that bit of news, but it didn’t really matter much to him. He’d convince her, coax her, seduce her, whatever it took. He needed her, probably in ways he didn’t even know of yet, but the immediate need was her; her body, her sex.
He pulled the padded chair over from the sitting area and sat, propping his feet up on the end of the bed careful not to jar it too much. For the first time in days, he started to relax and the tiredness began to take over. He could use some sleep. Hell, he could use a whole month of sleep. Crawling into bed next to her seemed like a damn good idea. He knew why she was there, but her sister wasn’t lost. He knew exactly where Melanie was, and it wouldn’t take long for him to get Ruby to her. The sooner he got her in front of Melanie and proved that the other woman was alive, safe and sound, in love with his fool-headed brother, the sooner he could get Ruby into his home and into his bed.
She rolled over, and he caught sight of her face in person for the first time in the low lamplight. She was pretty with soft features. He knew from the pictures Mel had shown him, Ruby was soft and round from head to toe. She wasn’t willowy and thin which was a good thing as far as he was concerned. He was a good-sized man, and he didn’t want to worry about breaking the woman he was fucking, especially when he planned on doing a whole lot of it.
Before he could think better of it, he got up out of the chair and stripped off his clothes, leaving them in a pile on the floor and slid beneath the blankets. She purred and moved closer to him, snuggling. It wasn’t what he’d been expecting, but hell, he’d take it. She wore flannel pajamas and while it was kind of cute, she wouldn’t be wearing them anymore. She wouldn’t need them. He was very warm natured, bordering on furnace hot, and she wouldn’t need anything on in bed…except him.
She pillowed her head on his shoulder, and he gently slid an arm around her, pulling her even closer. His cock was screaming hard, and he had half a mind to pull her the rest of way on top of his body and at least burrow his dick between her flannel covered legs, but he figured that might be going a little too far without first introducing himself.
Her soft hair tickled his skin, and her breath was cool against his neck. Mel had talked nonstop about Ruby from the moment his brother had brought her home. Ruby was supposed to be some sort of librarian that studied fairy tales or some such thing but she had yet to find her own Prince Charming or White Knight. Carson hadn’t paid much attention beyond being polite to his brother’s mate until Mel brought out some pictures of Ruby. Something he hadn’t believed existed had suddenly cracked open inside his gut, tugging at everything inside his soul.
Others in his family had said it was just the beginning and seeing their mate for the first time caused that very same reaction, almost like a shell breaking. It was the human part of their make-up taking over, allowing them to truly bond with others, to feel emotion on a human level, to feel human arousal as it was connected to love, empathy, pain and sorrow.
His kind were loners, sticking close to one another, but not mingling much with normals. That’s what full humans were. Normal. At least in the eyes of society. He and his family were different, strange, and took care of their own. They controlled their own destiny, their own paths, making their own way of living so no one would ever know just how different they really were.
His bear half simply needed to eat, sleep, survive. He cared for his family, but it wasn’t in this kind of way, this all-encompassing need and desire to live. When he’d seen the picture of Melanie and Ruby together, laughing, his human half began kicking in. At first he didn’t like it, wanted to fight it, but the more pictures he’d looked at, the more he heard her voice on the voicemails she left for Mel, the more the hunger had grown to know her, see her, touch her, have her.
He didn’t have the luxury of spending a whole lot of time wooing her. Mating was something he needed to do and do quickly. His human half was still getting used to his animalistic needs and vice versa. It was sometimes so overwhelming that he couldn’t stop masturbating, couldn’t stop or slow down his need for orgasms. His brother, James, Mel’s mate, said eventually there would be a more controllable balance, but it likely wouldn’t take effect until he’d been with Ruby a few times. His bear half had a mating season, but his human half didn’t. There were no female shifters so the science of the true ice bear mating didn’t figure into his family genetics. Until he met his mate, a male shifter was allowed to have sex with anyone he wished, but once his mate was introduced into his psyche, other women were off limits.
His bear side and his human side had to learn to live together, which meant Ruby had to learn as well. He hoped it was as easy for her to accept and adapt as it had been for Mel.
She shifted in her sleep and turned over, presenting her back to him. He turned as well and held her from behind, scooting close and wrapping his other arm around her middle. His cock nestled itself against her ass and twitched, throbbing painfully. God above, he wanted inside her. And when she wiggled that ass…
He flattened his hand against her lower belly hoping to still her. That was a mistake. The tip of his pinky edged the top of her flannel-covered mound. He couldn’t feel the outline of any panties nor the springy curls that would normally… Shit. The woman, his woman was wearing no panties and was smooth.
When she nestled in and settled down, her body relaxed and she sank into him. She fit like she’d always been meant to be there. He couldn’t wrap his head around how that kind of thing was possible, but his body seemed to recognize the truth of it and he was too tired to fight it.
Her feet pressed into his shins, and her head was still at shoulder level on him. Her cunt and ass were at the perfect position and angle for his cock.
And he’d never known a peace so deep and strong. He’d never known the kind of protection and obsession that filled him now either. Hunger and lust peaked and flowed through him. He couldn’t wait to meet her eyes and see her smile first hand, hear her voice, taste her lips, feel her under him, open and hot.
He kissed the top of her head, and she moaned. He closed his eyes and tightened his arms, smiling for the first time in weeks and let much needed sleep take him.

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