Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review Wicked Harvest by Anitra Lynn McLeod

Wicked Harvest
Author Anitra Lynn Mcleod
Paranormal romance
I won this book and the second book from Michelle's Book Blog
Paperback, 304 pages
Authors website

Book description
Welcome to the world of the Harvester - a warrior bound to take virginity, but never pleasure - and the servant who exists to prepare him for his role. For them, sex equals duty. Until the rules fall aside...and pleasure takes over...For Chur, a year's preparation comes down to the single day on which he encounters a succession of exquisitely adorned young virgins. One thrust from Chur frees the women to find their perfect mates...yet he is forbidden to enjoy his work. But Chur's third Harvest changes everything, for the final virgin is none other than his paratanist, a loyal servant who reveals herself to be a startlingly sensuous woman. Enovese has desired her master since she first laid hands upon him, but her scheme to free them both is complicated by Chur's prideful resistance. Until the Harvester declares Enovese his bondmate, they must maintain a dangerous charade of master and slave. But Chur is determined that Enovese pay for her deception - with delicious, teasing torture all the more pleasurable for being taboo...

My review


Visit a unique world where one man Chur is forbidden to enjoy the benefit of his work. He can only take the virgins virginity and then stop and while doing this both participants has oils so there is no pleasure. Until one Harvest Enovese his servant takes matters in her own hands and takes his choice away from him by declaring herself as his bondmate. This doesn’t settle well with Chur it takes him a long while to get over what Enovese has done to him knowing both of their lives are not on the line. During time for the next harvest Chur gets to really know Enovese for more than just a servant.

This is a very unique story about another world and their rituals and how their way of life works. There is a lot of great warriors in this story, so you know there is more to come. A bit of warning here this book is stuffed full of tasteful hot sex. You get anal, light spanking and more. There is also mention of male rape. The downside for me was there was a lot of sex, I found myself skimming over a lot of it. There is a very good storyline, one about a servant girl that knows what should be hers so much so, she would place her life on the line to get it.

Dark Harvest is next
I also seen on Anitra facebook another hot looking cover for Sinful Harvest, I do believe it will be book three.

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