Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Entrecard Clickers, Let’s Make Money!

Many of the visitors to this Blog stop by just to click on the Entrecard Drop button. Several of you who are Entrecard members also run ads with CMF or other online advertizing methods where points or cash is paid for each click; so I have a plan. What if whenever an Entrecard member stops by a Blog to drop, they also click on a CMF or other ad? We could ALL benefit more, couldn’t we?

The next time I go “dropping” for Entrecard, I plan to click on just one other ad on the site and see if I can’t help my fellow Bloggers get some extra perks for their hard work—join me?

Have a Blog and don’t know about Entrecard? You’re missing out on many additional hits to your Blog. Click HERE to learn more about Entrecard and sign up. If you have trouble because you don’t know how to create a logo for your drop button, just let me know and I’ll help you do it. Don’t miss out, Entrecard is great!

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