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7 days of Erotica Summer Heat! Day #1 Stepahnie Julian interview and giveaway

Please give a warm welcome to author Stephanine Julian. I love Stephanie's paranromal ebooks, if you haven't tired them please do!!

Hello Stephanie, I am so happy to have your here with us for this erotica event. Since you are the first author, would you tell us a little about why you chose to write erotic?

Stephanie-The easy answer is that's what I love to read erotic romance. Sex is a huge part of romance, whether it's the build up to the actual lovemaking or ten pages of nitty gritty, down and dirty tangling in the sheets or against the wall or on the floor or the backseat of a car. Explicit love scenes can reveal so much about character. A good love scene can make your breath catch in your chest and your thighs clench. I want the reader to experience those same sensations. I want to elicit an emotional response and a good love scene will do that.

Laurie-Your erotics are paranormal, do you ever think you’d write a different genre? If so what would it be?

Stephanie-Actually, I have written in a different genre. My first two published books were sweet contemporaries written under the name Stephanie Scott for Avalon Books. Very, very different from what I'm writing now. I'm also writing an erotic contemporary that I hope my agent will be able to sell.

Laurie-What’s your favorite erotic passage out of one of your books? I hope you don’t have more than one LOL.

Stephanie-Wow, that's a tough one. Hmm, if it have to pick just one, I'm going to say Kyle and Tam's first love scene in "Kiss of Moonlight." I have a real soft spot for Kyle. But I also love the scene in "Seduced by Two," my first ménage, where Nica, Jensen and Tanner are playing Guitar Hero...but only until Nica seduces them into putting down their guitars.

Laurie-Can you tell us a little about what you're working on next?

Stephanie-I've got a few things going. I'm finishing "What A Goddess Wants," the first book in the Forgotten Goddesses series coming from Sourcebooks Casablanca next summer. These books are part of my Etruscan world and features the Etruscan Goddesses who are feeling a little obsolete after so many millennia. I'm also finishing revisions on a new short book for Ellora's Cave, "Size Matters." This is not Etruscan but it's fun, sexy and just a little off-beat. I'm also working on the next book in my Lucani Lovers series for EC. No title yet but this will be Evie's story.

Laurie-What do you have more of shoes or purses?

Stephanie-Ooh, that's a dead heat. I have a thing for purses. I'm always looking for just the right one, which I never find. I'm the same way with shoes. I know my husband always rolls his eyes when I bring a new purse or a new pair home so I must have way too many.

Please if you would give us a sizzling hot male picture of your choice.
I have a thing for rocks stars. Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold totally does it for me. Watching his hands as he plays guitar... Oh yeah. And when he smiles... Sigh.

by Stephanie Julian

When his mouth descended this time, she tasted the difference. In the heat of his mouth, in the way his hand cupped her head and forced her to bend to his will.
She followed his every lead, more than happy to give herself over to him because he made her feel alive.
With his mouth still on hers, he picked her up again and began to move as her legs wrapped around his waist. The house fell into shadow the farther away from the kitchen they got, and when he opened the door to what she assumed was his bedroom then closed it behind him, darkness settled around them.
Kyle set her on the bed and moved away, making her draw in a sharp breath when she realized she couldn’t see a thing.
"Hey, babe, it’s okay," His voice soothed from the dark. "Just give me a sec."
A rustle sounded and then moonlight spilled into the room, revealing Kyle’s outline on the other side of the bed.
He looked tall and broad and he should have been menacing. But all Tam felt was a fierce and raging desire.
Rising onto her knees, she moved across the bed to him, grabbed his t-shirt by the hem and began pulling it up and off his body. He had to bend slightly for her to pull it over his head and when she did, he stole a quick kiss before straightening.
Her lips curved in a smile at the electric pleasure of that small touch. But her heart raced at her first glance at his hard, muscled chest, lightly covered with dark hair. Her hands lifted to his pecs and rested there, drawing in the extreme heat of his body.
She felt his chest rise and fall in an ever-increasing pattern. She loved knowing she affected him just as much as he affected her. And wondered how much it was going to take to push him away from the restraint she felt in his tight muscles.
She didn’t want him thinking about what had happened to her before. She wanted him to want her so badly he couldn’t help but surrender to her.
Leaning closer, she put her lips around one flat male nipple, just below the stylized tattoo of a sun, and drew the little nub into her mouth. Kyle sucked in a deep breath as she flicked her tongue against his flesh before lightly scraping it between her teeth.
One of his hands threaded through her hair, holding her to him and she felt a slight burn on her scalp when she moved her lips to work the other nipple.
Her hands slid down his hot, silky skin to his waist where her fingers slid along his waistband before forcing the button through its hole and releasing the zipper.
His cock practically fought free of his shorts and she felt the heat coming off that thick stalk of flesh against her stomach. As his shorts fell to the floor, her hands hesitated for seconds before finally wrapping around him.
Tam had been with a couple other guys before but none had been as impressively built as Kyle.
His cock wasn’t obscenely large but felt thicker than she’d ever had. She pulled away from her ministrations to his nipples so she could look down and see it.
Beautiful was the first word that came to mind. In the moonlight, she couldn’t truly see color but the shape of him was gorgeous. Her fingers didn’t meet around the base and the tip bulged, the thick vein on the underside pulsing.
Cupping one hand around his tight balls, she stroked his cock with the other. His skin stretched tight over the core, sleek hot silk over iron. She lost herself in the feel of him as she smoothed her hand up and down, from root to tip. Moving closer, she bent until she could brush the burning hot tip against her tight nipple.
The sensation jolted through her, making her gasp. She’d never had a man’s cock rubbed against her breasts before, had never known how arousing it could be.
The silky heat scrambled her thoughts, made her forget what she’d been aiming to do.
Oh yeah. She’d been going down on him.
But she’d never given a man a blowjob before either. She didn’t want to do anything wrong.
As if he’d read her mind, Kyle’s voice rasped out a harsh plea. "Will you suck me, baby? Please. I want your mouth on me."
She swore all the air in the room evaporated and her chest tightened but not in pain.
Leaning even farther, she let her lips brush across the tip, Kyle’s strangled breaths teasing her ears. On the next pass, she let her tongue swipe across that hot flesh, his taste exploding on her tongue like spice. Her pussy began to throb. She wanted him to thrust into her sex, hard and deep, but first she wanted to suck him.
Opening her mouth wide, she enveloped the tip, so soft and yet so hard. Then she let her mouth sink down his shaft until he hit her throat. Not really knowing what to do, she let instinct guide her into a rhythm of pulling back and taking him in.
With every suck on his flesh, she felt powerful. She felt almost whole. Like she hadn’t in months. Maybe ever.

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Thank you Stephanie!!

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