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Seven days of Erotica Heat! Day #6 N.J. Walters interview and giveaway

Please give a warm welcome to N.J. Walters. I would suggest N.J. Dalakis series, I read them all and loved them. I am going to work on reading some more of N.J. books so look for reviews soon.

Laurie-Hello NJ, I am so glad you could join us. I loved reading your Dalakis Embrace. How did you come to write sexual vampire?

N.J. Walters-It my pleasure to be here, Laurie. Thank you so much for having me at Bitten By Paranormal Books.
I’m so glad you enjoyed Dalakis Embrace. I’d always wanted to write a book about a vampire. There’s so much to explore in the vampire world—the taboo of blood and sex, the darker passions, immortality. What happens when a mortal and immortal fall in love. The problems are legion.
The first Dalakis book, Harker’s Journey, began when I started thinking about writing a vampire tale. Of course, it made me think about Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I started playing the “what if” game. What if Jonathan Harker from Dracula had descendants. And what if one of those descendants—Johanna Harker—was a financial consultant and had to journey to Transylvania to deal with her mysterious, but wealthy client Cristofor Dalakis. The entire story flowed from there.
Of course, Cristofor had two brothers—Lucian and Stefan—so they both needed books of their own, Lucian’s Delight and Stefan’s Salvation. But, even then, I wasn’t quite done with this family. Two more books followed—Eternal Brothers and Endless Chase. Although I’m finished with this series, I am hoping to write more vampire books in the future.

Laurie-I see you not only write erotic paranormal what other genre do you write?

N.J. Walters-It all falls under the genre of romance, but I write contemporary, contemporary/erotic, time travel/ménage a trois, paranormal/erotic, futuristic/erotic and spicy paranormal/werewolf. That’s the wonderful thing about writing romance—readers are very open to different genres. It’s not only challenging, but it keeps the writing fresh. I’m never bored.

Laurie-I have always wanted to asked this question. Does your husband thinks he benefits more with you being an erotic author?

N.J. Walters-LOL You’ll have to ask him that. But he’s very supportive of my writing and is open to helping me with research. He’s such a giver. *g*

Laurie-Can you tell us a little on what your working on next?

N.J. Walters-I currently have several projects in the works. I’ve contracted the first book in a new paranormal series with Samhain Publishing. A Touch of Magick features inept witch, Rhiannon Sparks, who discovers she needs to have sex with the right man to unleash her magick. Deputy Ryland Stone is that man. Problem is, he doesn’t believe in magick. Watch for this book in October!
I’m also working on the third book in my Courage brothers of Texas series for Ellora’s Cave. Book two of this contemporary series—Lassoing Lara—was just released on July 2nd.
I’ve contracted the next book in my paranormal/shapeshifter Shadow Ryder series with Ellora’s Cave. Out of Shadows should hopefully be out late this year.
I’m working on the next book in my spicy werewolf series for Samhain Publishing. Book two of the Legacy series—Isaiah’s Haven—is due out on August 3rd.
Beyond that, I’m trying to find time to work on a new paranormal series.

Laurie-What do you have more of shoes or purses?

N.J. Walters-Honestly, I don’t get the whole shoes and purse thing. I’m not much of a shopper. Beyond my sneakers and boots, I have one pair of flat black shoes. Until a few days ago, I had one purse—a brown, backpack style. But I saw a sale and actually found two purses I liked. One is a tourquoise hobo style bag that’s perfect for summer. The other is a patchwork of black, brown and red. I’m still deciding if I’ll keep that one or take it back.


Legacy, Book 2

For a werewolf, the pack is everything, but Isaiah Striker has always felt like an outsider. The only thing he cares about is his family, which is how he finds himself in the crowded city of Chicago doing a favor for his brother. What should be a fast job quickly turns into a life-changing event.

Meredith Cross has held her small pack together through sheer guts and determination. After years of running, she and her adult children now operate Haven, an eclectic nightclub. When Isaiah Striker walks into Haven, she is drawn to him immediately. But he is a werewolf, a threat to her small pack, which includes four half-breeds. Most wolves won’t accept half-breeds and she won’t risk her pack for anyone.

Their lives become more entwined as the sexual attraction between Isaiah and Meredith spirals out of control. When paranormal bounty hunters and purist werewolves threaten her pack, both she and Isaiah must overcome the constraints of their pasts if they hope to survive and have a future together

EXCERPT: Isaiah’s Haven release date Aug.3rd.

He kept heading northward, ambling aimlessly and eventually hitting Wicker Park. He knew he should be going in the opposite direction, back to Riley’s Garage on the South Side. But he didn’t want to go back, not yet. He knew he wouldn’t sleep so he might as well walk and enjoy the sights.

The city itself was vibrant and alive, filled with many different ethnic groups and economic levels. He’d seen homeless people and folks in limousines, those decked out in jeans and others in diamonds. The food and the nightlife were just as diverse. Maybe that’s what he needed. Some good food and some decent music.

He wandered past a bar and a woman’s voice drifted out on the cool October breeze. He froze, coming to a complete stop in the middle of the sidewalk. A guy bumped into him from behind and started to curse him, but one look at Isaiah’s face and he quickly moved on.

Isaiah felt his entire body clench with need as the woman’s low, sultry voice wrapped around him. Turning slowly, he stared at the outside of the small club. Haven, it was called. It was a typical older, three-story brick building with a business on the bottom and what looked to be apartments above it.

A sense of urgency filled him. An air of expectation swirled around him. Somehow he knew if he went inside this bar his life would be changed forever.

All the more reason to keep walking.

He whirled on one heel and strode in the opposite direction. About twenty feet away, he stopped.


The wolf inside him was howling, practically clawing at his skin to be free. His lungs couldn’t take in enough air even though his chest was heaving. He raked his fingers through his hair and swore again.

His instincts would not be denied. Spinning around, he stalked back to the bar. He paused on the doorstep, took a deep breath and crossed over the threshold.

The bouncer on the door nodded at him as he passed. The guy was about six-one and built, his shoulders practically filling the doorway. His blond hair was buzzed off in a crew cut and his pale blue eyes missed nothing as he watched the door and the crowd within.

The light was dim, but that was no problem for Isaiah. With his preternatural sense of sight he could see easily. The smell of liquor and warm bodies mixed with the spice of sexual arousal, creating a heady perfume. He could also smell food, and it reminded him once again that he hadn’t eaten in hours. His fast metabolism required him to eat several times more than a human male and he was running on empty.

He found an empty table for two in the far corner and sat with his back to the wall as he scoped out the place. The woman was no longer singing. No matter. He’d find her before he left here.

The place was crowded for a Thursday night. He could see only one other free table. Several couples were dancing to a bluesy number being played by a four-piece band that managed to fit on a tiny stage at the far end of the place. The bar dominated one wall with plenty of seating surrounding it. The bartender was a big guy who looked up when Isaiah’s eyes landed on him. Their gazes met and held, neither of them backing down. The guy finally looked away when a woman walked up beside him and placed her hand on his arm.

And holy shit, what a woman. Isaiah was ninety years old. Still relatively young given his five-hundred-year lifespan. But in all those years, he’d never seen a woman like this one.
Even from a distance, he could tell she was tall. Long black hair fell like silk over one of her shoulders and didn’t stop until it hit her waist. Her features were more striking than beautiful. Exotic. Strong. Her full lips were painted a deep red that all but begged a man to kiss them.

Isaiah’s cock swelled in agreement, pushing against the zipper of his jeans. He hadn’t been aroused this quickly since he’s been a young male just coming into maturity.

Thank you so much N.J.!!!
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