Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Review Gothic City Lights by Brindle Chase

Gothic City Lights
Author- Brindle Chase
Ebook- erotic paranormal-succubus demon and angel
I received this ebook for review form the author
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Book description

It was just a fling. Lilith Templeton had no clue he was a human agent working for the angels. No big deal, but she got caught and Mother Superior, Portland’s most powerful angel, wants penance. Or death, Lilith’s choice. Being a lowly half-demon and therefore not a participant in the never-ending war for souls, she knows it's insane to cross the full-blood demons like Mother Superior wants. But opting out isn't an option: do or die. For additional penance, she's paired with an angel who not only ignites her lust but something more. Lilith wants to fall in love, to know what it was like to share herself with just one man. Yet since succubi needed to stay sexually satisfied, falling in love with the angel of chastity is a mistake she can’t afford.

Gabriel would have never second-guessed his choice to ascend through the virtue of chastity. Until he meets Lilith. Now, his ascension would be forfeit if he cannot vanquish his need for her. Having no choice but to ignore the fire burning inside them, they work towards tempting the demon cult’s human leader into revealing the hideout. Lilith, sexually irresistible half-succubus, is the perfect bait. Get in, send the signal and wait for the angel to rescue her. Oh and not get killed, or tempt the angel. Simple, right?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content and graphic language.

Laurie's review


What’s not to like when you mix a half- Succubus demon with a virgin angel, and one she shouldn’t dare touch. I really enjoyed this ebook, the sexual tension is off the charts.

lite spoilers
Lilith is a half- succubus demon that finds she needs a purpose. While she is in Gothic City Lights club looking for her next sexual encounter. She’s already had everyone in the bar twice, so she wants someone different. When she notices a glow from a cigarette she cant help but see who it is. When she gets to the table she finds tonight’s special sitting with a Bible of all things. Lilith thinks he is lost, but nope he is to bring her to mother superior herself for a job that the angles cant take total care of. Mother Superior tells Lilith one thing in taking on this task and that is not to take Gabriel’s Virginity (ya, right). Can Lilith hold out. It may surprise you how long she lasted, it did me.

What I liked most was that for a succubus demon Lilith had urges, but after she seen Gabriel she couldn’t act on any of them no matter what the consequence to her demon side. Gabriel mad me mad in a few places he just never seem to take Lilith demon side in consideration. I really liked the story. It did drag a bit in the middle for me, but picked back up and was nonstop the rest of the way through. I look forward reading more form this author.

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