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Review Darkest Desires By S.K. Yule

Darkest Desires Book 2 in the Darkest series
Author S.K. Yule
Genre: Vampire/Paranormal Erotic Romance
Book Length: Novel
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Book description

Avril Taylor is fed up with chauvinistic men breaking her heart. So what is she to do when she finds herself undeniably attracted to her womanizing, vampire brother-in-law?

Aiston Aleksandrov has never met a woman he wanted to share anything more with than a hot night of sex . . . until Avril. The problem? How can he convince her that he will be faithful to only her?

Can Avril put past hurts behind her and finally find true love with a vampire playboy? Can Aiston really commit to one woman after almost seven hundred years of playing the field?

My Review

Avril’s best friend Ebony is now a vampire and living in the mansion with the rest of the Aleksandrou family. If you read book one, Darkest Hour, you read how Avril meet Aiston and how much she didn’t care for him. Now she is back at home and working in the bar. One night one of the men at the bar came back after closing and things got out of hand. Aiston stepped in and saved Avril from what could have been her life.

Aiston is known for his womanizing, but since the first time he has seen Avril he can careless about them. The thing he has to do is to make Avril realize it. Because she is his and he wants to make her forever his.

You get more action in this book than the first with the drifter’s getting out of hand and there is some new vampires that shows up to help the Aleksandrou men out. You also get a peak at their mom as she is to come and see the new baby. The story starts out really good, but it got a little to predictable for me at some points. I found it still a good read if you want something quick and sexy with lots of action.
After reading both one and two darkest ebooks. I found you can read them in order, but you don’t really have to. S.K. makes everything clear if you just read this one. Although if your one that likes to read every detail like me then its best to go in order.
1.Darkest Hour
2.Darkest Desires
3.Darkest Intentions coming soon but no date yet

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