Thursday, July 22, 2010

review Darkest Hours by S.K. Yule

Darkest Hours book one in the Darkest series
Author- S.K. Yule
Genre: Vampire/Paranormal Erotic Romance
Book Length: Novel
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Book description
When small town librarian Ebony learns of her illness, she is devastated to think of the many things she has missed out on in life . . . especially true love.

Ashe, however, has experienced nearly everything during his considerable years as a vampire and thinks only one thing about love . . . never again.

When fate throws the two together on a journey laced with deceit and lies, Ebony and Ashe discover the one thing neither thought to ever find . . . love.

Can Ebony convince Ashe that true love lasts forever? Can Ashe overcome the betrayal of his past in time to save Ebony?

My Review
I loved reading about the Aleksandrow’s whole family of course, they are a little different, then most families. For one they have to drink small amounts of blood to live. There are 3 brothers Ashe, Aldin and Aiston. One sister Estirl and of course, they live in a mansion with an west wing. This was a fun exciting read that has a good mystery, danger, nasty villains, humor and a few surprises. I really like how S.K. brings you into their vampire world. I found it easily explained, so I didn’t get confused with vampire terms or wording (whichever you call it).

Avril learns she is dying. On her way home she runs into a tall dark stranger named Ashe. When she gets home she is attacked by something or someone. Her tall dark stranger comes in and saves her. From there Ashe has to bring her back to his house so he can find her attacker and kill whoever it is.

Ashe is the oldest brother’s. He has had a mate in the past that is now dead. So it was a giant surprise to find Avirl could see him while he was hunting and had himself shielded against people. Only a mate would be able to do that. Now that his mates life hangs on the line even more than he knows he as to pull out all the stops to save her.

I enjoyed both Avirl and Ashe. It takes a little for both of them to learn to trust. This is what I would call a mush story, but I found it really worked for these two. I found the sex between these two to be hot and in the right amount.

This story is long enough that you can sink your teeth into and really enjoy it. You also get to read enough about the rest of the family and Avirl’s best friend, this way you already know some about them before the next books.

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