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Bitten's She-Wolf Pack Review Thursday January 2011 Snowy Night Seduction by Arianna Hart

Ronda came up with the idea for all of us review one book each month and she named it Bitten's She-Wolf Pack Review Thursday. These books are either a free ebook we find or each reviewer pays for their own.

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For the month of January 2011
Source: A free book from amazon
Title:  Snowy Night Seduction
Author Arianna Hart
novella eBook

Seraphina Mason returns to New Hampshire to face her past; what she doesn-t expect is to have her past-heartbreaker Sheriff Jake Candellori-get snowed in at her house.

Sera has come home to put her past behind her and move on with her life. She fully intends to forgive and forget the mess she made with her ex-lover when her empathic powers overwhelmed Jake during an intimate moment and he took off running. What she doesn-t expect is to have the feelings she-d thought long gone come back with a vengeance.

Sheriff Jake Candellori has regretted letting Sera out of his life every minute of the last two years. He completely overreacted when he felt her feelings wash over him during sex, but that didn-t mean he had to run out like his pants were on fire. By the time he calmed down she was gone. When fate traps them together during a freak snowstorm-he has no intention of ever letting her go again

~Kirs review~
Raitng- 4 a pack howl
Sexual- four fire alarm

I enjoyed this scorching hot romance with a light paranormal twist. I
liked how she shared details from their past so you could get to know
the characters better. I loved how they were "interrupted" so they
had a chance to talk through some things before attacking each other.
I also thought that this was a very, very steamy book especially
considering how short it was!


Ronda's Review
Rating: 3 - one good howl
Sexual: Steamy

A short cute and sexy read. I liked the story but thought it needed more from the empath paranormal abilities besides being able to have intutition if something was going to happen or not. The romance between the characters was par/semi-hot and could of been a little more exciting for my taste. Not bad for a short read.



Laurie's review
Rating: 2 A small howl
Sexual: Hot

This is a decent quick read. You get a good erotic romance that has a little paranomral intwined with it. I love short novella reads, but this story fell short for me. I loved the hot sex and the connection between these two. My biggest problem is the story goes into the hero’s past life, but not the heroines and she is the one with the ability, so you don't know how or why she has it. I did like the writing style of the author and will check out more of her books.


Cynthia's review
Rating- 1 Nothing to howl about
Good thing this one was a freebie. I would have been royally pissed if I had paid for it! I wasn’t half-way through and zzzzzzz… The dialogue between Sera and Jake was staccato and dull. I didn’t feel any passion, heat, sizzle, spark. Actually, I chuckled a few times during their one, brief sexual encounter -- clichĂ©. I was still waiting for that damn bear to burst through the window

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