Friday, January 21, 2011

Review: Frosty...The Real Man by CJ England

Frosty…The Real Man
CJ England

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Romance / Erotica / Fantasy
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Amy is tired of being alone. But she's even more tired of the men she's dated in the past. She longs to find a man who will be loving and true to her. A real man.

When Givré, one of the many Christmas Spirits, is sent to Amy inside the snowman she created, he's given the assignment to be her date to the Winter Wonderland Ball. And he is very pleased with his luck. Amy is his dream woman. Talented, beautiful, loving and very sexy.

But Amy doesn't believe her handsome Frenchman is a snowman, a spirit, or anything else... other than maybe a little crazy. And even though she is very attracted to him, she can't bring herself to give into her feelings.

But Givré isn't going to give up so easily. He's fallen in love with his artist lady and he'll do anything to make her understand it's her love that will melt his frozen heart.






Cute and Joyful!

Who said Christmas wishes don't come true? In this humorous and erotica fantasy be careful for what you wish for. After a fun night out drinking, three friends are fed up with the lack of perfect men in their town and so they decide to create their own snowman into the vision they would see fit.

Well Ami, being a excellent sculpture of ice takes her vision serious and makes a hot snowman giving him every woman’s dream of a well endowed penis and while she is making this snowman with detailed precision, she is making a silent wish of if only he could be real.

Little does Ami know as she gets up with a hangover the next morning that her wish has come true. The heavens above have sent the Christmas spirit and he has taken the form of the snowman. Of course this Hot French man with the hottest body and well endowed penis woe’s Ami with his French words that make her melt. The story builds from there and the romance erotica scene is heavenly HOT!

The interactions between the characters are hilariously funny and I loved all their Frosty the Snowman jokes. Here is one that made me laugh outloud.

"What do you get when you cross Frosty with a vampire?" "Frost Bite"

Great and Fun short story to read especially in the winter when it is cold or snowing outside, I was smiling in the end and loved the HEA.


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