Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update and changes for the blog

I want to give you and update on the giveaways. I think I am going to just swap up every month between the PDF and paperback, so this way it  should help everyone including me.

I have a new reviewer,  her name is Ollie, so you will be seeing her around soon.

Now, after a year of rating the sexuality on these books I fell the need to change them. This blog reviews book with sex in them Well, unless its a cookbook. So here is how its going to go.

Will have at least a couple of small mild sex scenes.

More than 2 sex scenes and no oral.

This is going to be for sex scenes with oral.

This rating is going to include either one or more of these listed.
Oral both men and women
 anal this will include anal play and full sex.
 any kind bondage.
 sex toys and or sex rooms.
 Menage and or multiple partners.
pretty much anything fetish and taboo that can make some uncomfortable.

My ladies and I try to list whats in these erotic books because we know some are not into these type of books while others relish in reading them, like me LOL.
Here is a clue, I find this stuff sometimes in the regular mass-paper back paranormal romance book too.

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