Friday, January 21, 2011

Review Dark Hunger by Sara Reinke

Title: Dark Hunger
Author: Sara Reinke
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Authors Website
Format: PDF
Length: Novel

The Deepest Hunger.
Tessa Noble is a vampire who will do anything to reach the safety of her brother in New Orleans-even if it means traveling with her nemesis, Rene Morin. A ruthless, brooding, yet startlingly sexy vampire, Rene seems to take pleasure in finding fault with Tessa's every move. As they travel, Rene feeds along the way, while Tessa struggles to resist the impulse to nourish herself.

Feeds The Darkest Needs.
Once in the storm-ravaged city of his birth, Rene's defenses begin to unravel, and Tessa is drawn to his more vulnerable side. Starving and spent with need, Tessa finally allows herself to feed off of Rene's own body, deepening the sensual attraction they share. Yet neither can afford to succumb to this desire. For Tessa and Rene are being followed-and a single misstep will put them at the mercy of forces more dark and powerful than even they can fight. If they are caught, the ecstasy of their newfound love will be matched only by the agony of its loss.


Dee's Thoughts:

Rene is a proud man. When he loses his leg from the knee down and is forced to have a prosthetic that pride is put to the test. Rene is failing that test. He has begun to think of himself as less of a man, forcing himself into isolation and at times down right suicidal. When a pregnant Tessa comes into his life she makes him fell 100% M-A-N. Tessa shows Rene how much she desires him and Rene realizes the fact he has a prosthetic means nothing to her. Now with Tessa’s abusive husband on their trail Rene will risk anything to keep her and her baby safe and with him.

For me I found the second installment to this series even better than the first. Rene and Tessa’s relationship drew me in. The story line was well written and the author brings the world of the Brethren into a much clearer light. One thing I love is a story with a twist. Only thing I love more than a twist is one I NEVER saw coming and you get it in this novel.

Looking forward to Dark Passion. Can’t wait to see what Sara Reinke has up her sleeve for this one.

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