Sunday, January 23, 2011

Review Venice Vampyr: Final Affair by Tina Folsom

Title:Venice Vampyr: Final Affair
Author: by Tina Folsom
Source: Bought for my Kindle
Genre- Erotic Paranormal Romance- vampire
Length- Novella
Authors website

Viola has been given three months to live but she refuses to die a virgin. She travels to Venice where she wants to experience physical pleasure with a man without causing a scandal for her family. Afterwards, she plans to take her own life to ensure she exits the world painlessly and with dignity. Unfortunately, the man she meets in a disreputable club couldn’t be a worse choice for her plans.

Dante, a hedonistic vampire, saves Viola from a violent rake. To stop her from seeking out even more dangerous men to find carnal pleasures, he offers her a night of passion in his arms, only to discover she’s a virgin.

Viola flees, disdainful of the sex act and determined to end her life. Horrified, Dante stops Viola from harming herself and proceeds to deliver the pleasure he promised – one kiss and one touch at a time until she’s ready to take all of him, over and over again.

Until events force Dante’s hand ...

My Review-
Love it!!

Venice Vampyr: Final Affair is another great read by Tina Folsom. Tina is known for her heated vampire books, but she turned up the emotions in this one, I really enjoyed it. I liked how Tina added some pictures between the chapters, it makes you get a better feel for the stroy.

Viola is taking her last few months of life to get rid of her virginity problem before she takes her life. What she didn’t expect was to find a man that can give her another option for life. I really liked Viola she is in a tuff situation and does what she thinks is right.

After Drake finds Viola in a whorehouse he takes her home to have a night of fun sex, but what he didn’t expect was Viola’s outcome after the affair. Now that Drakes pride has been hurt he has to make amends. I liked Derek in this book. The first book Venice Vampyr, I didn’t really like him he had a very bad attitude, so I just thought it would be the same when I started reading this one. I was very happy in the change.

This is a nice quick sexy read with plenty of hot sex, so be prepared for it.

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