Monday, January 24, 2011

Review Lycan It by S.K. Yule

Title: Lycan It
Author:  S.K. Yule
Source: Requested review
Format: eBook
Length: Novella
Genre:Paranormal romance- Werewolf
Authors website

When a much deserved vacation turns into a nightmare, Janine Denton wonders if she’ll make it back home alive.

Tired of the brutality they inflict upon women marked as potential mates, Raze Jackson tries to flee the lycan pack he once called family.

When Raze is instructed to use the woman the pack leader has kidnapped as punishment, he devises a plan that will allow Janine and him to get away.

While Janine is responsive to Raze’s kisses, he wonders how she will react when he tells her he is a lycan, and she is his fated mate.

My Review:

Cover- Very nice

S.K. Yule brings you a hot romance along with an intense adventure in Lycan It. I felt the author done a good job bringing Raze and Janine together quick and the way they accepted each other. Janine is on the heavier side, so expect a few lines where she questions Raze being with her. I enjoyed the plot it was different. This novella is a little more violent than the others I have read by this author, so I want to mention here, you’ll find the mention of rape in the first of the book. I think the author does an excellent job in writing this story.

The rogue Lycans are at it again, they are still raping and killing the woman that they should be kept safe until their mates are found. Raze has had enough and is tested two ways, one in his loyalty to a leader he no longer wants leading him. The second is he has to get his mate to trust him while they are both in dire straits.

Janine is a cupcake baker. She takes a two week vacation and goes on a trip, little knowing what will happen to her in the coming weeks. When she is kidnapped she finds she has to put her trust in a man that she has never met. She also finds that things start simmering between her and that man. Oh my, you never know what can happen when two people at thrush together in an intense situation.

I recommend this to paranormal erotic readers that like an intense novella. 

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