Friday, January 21, 2011

Marvel Romance Redux + Giveaway!

Don't worry -- you aren't seeing double! Below are pages from 1960s and '70s Marvel romance stories along with pages from the Marvel Romance Redux issue Love is a Four Letter Word from August of 2006. From 2006 to 2008, Marvel briefly published a line of romance comics that re-scripted romance stories from the 1960s and '70s, but retained the original art. Incorporating smatterings of 21st century popular culture and technology with new dialogue -- these updated stories are no holds barred goofy! Check out the splash page from each story, accompanied by the splash page from the original story!* Don't forget to click on the images to enlarge them!

Our first story, "Hot Alien Love" originally was titled "Another Kind of Love" and appeared in My Love #18 (July 1972) with a script by Stan Lee and art by John Buscema. What was once a story of a nurse who falls in love with a patient after breaking it off with a dull banker, is transformed into a story of a "Homeworld" security agent who catches extraterrestrials for a living.

"Buffy Willow Agent of A.D.D." is a crazy take on "He Never Said A Word!" originally from Love Romances #101 (September 1962) with art by Gene Colan. The 1962 version has a sweet and simple plot of a young woman who falls for a quiet hero, but the 2006 version turns the young woman into a forgetful secret agent looking for defectors.

The third story in the Redux issue, "Mice and Money" is a retelling of "By Love Betrayed!" first presented in Love Romances #102 (November 1962). With pencils by Jack Kirby and inks by Vince Colletta, "By Love Betrayed!" chronicles the fears of newly engaged Laura. "Mice and Money" turns the original story on its head to include a serious rodent obsession on behalf of the main characters.

"Love Me, Love My Clones!" was originally titled, "Jilted!" and was published in My Love #14 (November 1971) with art by Don Heck and John Romita, Sr. In the original story, raven-haired Connie is jilted by her boyfriend, only to find out that it is a blessing in disguise. The Redux version, "Love Me, Love My Clones!" is about -- you guessed it -- a girl who is smitten by a set of handsome clones!

The Colletta inked "They Said I Was... Insane!" originally, "Someday He'll Come Along!" from Teen-Age Romance #77 (September 1960) goes from being about a young woman working at an advertising agency who isn't willing to settle, to a story of a woman convinced that there has been an alien infiltration in town.

So what do you think of Marvel's modern spin on the romance comics? Do you like? Do you think these humorous takes on romance comics are fun or blasphemous?! I want to hear your opinion! When you leave a comment with your feelings about the Marvel Romance Redux concept, I will throw your name in a hat (AKA ) for a chance to win your very own copy of Marvel's Our Love Story #11, plus a few other goodies! You have until this Sunday evening at 5pm (EST) to comment and be eligible for the giveaway. I will announce a winner Monday! Good luck!

*All of the original stories appeared in the 2006 Marvel trade paperback Marvel Romance. Scans and credits appearing in this post are from that publication. 2006 was a dynamite year over at Marvel for the romance comics!

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