Monday, January 31, 2011

Mustache Mania!

Mustaches have been in vogue at various times throughout human history, but never were they quite as impressive as they were in the 1970s. The '70s was the era of the mustache -- everyone wore them... televisions stars, movie stars, and yes, even my father.

I wouldn't ride around in
metal basketry until years later
My oldest sister, Shannon -- all too
to be a child of the '70s!

But my dad and those celebrities were not the only ones sporting a mustache in the '70s, believe you me. Romance comic book characters did as well! Not only were mustaches fashionable, but in the romance comics, the mustache helped to convey a variety of male archetypes and embody varying degrees of characterization... as you will soon see!

Charlton was ahead of the mustache game
with this flirtatious "adult education" teacher character.
"A Kiss for Teacher"
Career Girl Romances #47
(October 1968)

Some mustached men
left heartache in their wake!
"When Love Dies"
Secret Hearts #142
(March 1970)

Mustaches were no guarantee
to a woman's affections, however.
"One More Chance!"
Heart Throbs #146
(October 1972)

Mustaches came in all colors and were
worn by men of all occupations, including
this hardworking construction worker...
"Happiness Now"
Just Married #110
(April 1976)

...and this Vietnam deserter.
"One Heart Must Break!"
Our Love Story #15
(February 1972)

The young, handsome rebels of the romance comics
were prone to keeping their upper lip hairs festive...
"One Husband, Two Loves!"
Girls' Love Stories #157
(February 1971) were the single fathers of the romance comics.
"Cupid is a Monster"
Romantic Story #116
(December 1971)

Not all female romance comic book
characters were fans of the 'stache.
"The Boy Who Can't Be Mine!"
My Love #29
(July 1974)

The mustached men of the romance comics
were suave. Sometimes too suave for their own good.
"Lisa -- Make Up Your Mind!"
Young Love #101
(November 1972)

Though this leading lady may
have loved two men, it wouldn't be for long.
For some ladies, mustaches = a nightmare!
"I Loved Two Men"
Girls' Love Stories #165
(January 1972)

"Bad News!"
Falling in Love #143
(October/November 1973)

But in the end, sometimes it is
the guy with the mustache that
wins over the girl's heart!!!
"First Date!"
Falling in Love #142
(August/September 1973)

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