Friday, January 28, 2011

Review Blood Moons by Alianne Donnelly

Title:Blood Moons
Author: Alianne Donnelly
Source: Requested review
Genre: Paranormal romance/ futuristic romance- Shape-shifter
Format: eBook
Authors website

They say no good deed ever goes unpunished, a sentiment Dara understands fully now that she is paying for a crime she didn't commit. It was stupid to call in a murder she didn't really see. But how could Dara have kept silent? Now a stunning -- scratch that, a dangerous -- man with a frightening secret of his own is telling her he can help. Yeah, right. A telepath knows better than to trust mere words.

The last decade of Tristan's life has been penance. All that time spent among the worst dregs of society might have made him begin to question his humanity, but he’s never felt so much like an animal as he does around this timid, delicate female. Her very presence stirs the beast within him; Tristan can feel it growing stronger every day. Any more time with Dara, and it might overpower him completely. But without her, he stands no chance at all...

My Review:

I found Blood Moons refreshing and exciting to read, to tell you the truth I was very impressed with the story and had a hard time putting it down. The author does an amazing job in the world building and she explains everything very well. I will say this is not for the faint of heart, this book carries all the emotions along with a very evil villain and of course, with these two locked up in prison you don’t meet nice guys there. So, be prepared for one intense book with a surprising hot romance.

I really liked all the characters the storyline and the tension between the Tristan and Dara. It’s not every day you read a book where a woman is put in prison and placed in a cell with a man, a big hunk I might add. Well, you can guess where this is going. I loved how they communicated telepathically and how their relationship exploded as the days in prison went by. It’s always nice to find an unlikely hero in the wrong place.

If you enjoy reading telepathic abilities and shape-shifters stories, you have to try this one. I recommend it to any paranormal and/or futuristic romance reader.

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