Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review Snow White and the Seven Hunks by Kimberly Zant

Title:Snow White and the Seven Hunks
Author: Kimberly Zant
Genre: Erotic romance
Source: purchased for my kindle

How bad could it be, Nicole Martin asked herself when she discovered her options were to take the role or face criminal charges with her ‘big’ sister, Brandy? Actually, it didn’t sound nearly as bad as she’d expected once the producer/blackmailer explained. The filming would be done in low light situations. No one would ever get a really good look at her face. And it was just acting anyway, right? They weren’t actually going to do all those things ….

My review:

 WARNING: Carnal/erotica-adult situations and language, mild/moderate bdsm, multiple sexual partners, multiple heroes, voyeurism, male and female sibling voyeurism, blindfolded sex, countless ménages through oilrigs and sandwiches, BDSM rack sexual device, spanking, cum shots everywhere, group sex, dick jacking, dick piercing/metal galore, sexual domination, forced seduction, training of a submissive, constant fondling, constant head, constant sex on camera, violence through fights from Doms and Doms in training, and lots of male possessiveness. After I read this I just had to try this book! Well, I should have known to have left it alone! The reason for the two stars is there was a romance here in spite of the situation going on in the house and the end had a happy ever after.

Nicole’s luck ran out again. This time she ends up in a huge mess with her sister, black mailed into a porn movie. Yep, she gets a part on a live set of a reality porn TV show. The set includes 7 men, so hint the Snow White and the seven hunks, but they change the name up a bit because of the added person Nicole. Brandy gets the part of Snow White while Nicole gets to play the submissive Red Rose. A few of these men gets very possessive with Nicole, especially Gabe.

Spoilers below!

Things I didn’t like.
The storyline was just plain stupid and I found myself questoning quite a few parts. I love reading books with multiple partners, but this one just felt like a bad pron movie.

Nicole plays the submissive and has to go days without orgasms, so while her sister Brandy gets to have all the sex and orgasms she wants. Nicole has to hold her orgasms or she of course gets punished and you know she ends up getting punished. I felt sorry for Nicole she is stuck in this contract and now she has a bipolar sister ready to go off on her if she gets any sex….

When Nicole finally gets sex, Needless to say it was a mess, the men didn’t spend much time with her like they did with her sister Brandy. Brandy got hours of sex just with one man, but when they got to Nicole she just got a few minutes and then they tore her, yep, I said that right these men are porn stars so they are very well endowed and Nicole is small even in that area, so when they had sex with her she ended up with a few tears, so no more sex for Nicole for a while again ugh.. So this got me thinking if she can’t take one of these men how in the world would she be able to have a baby?? LOL
For some reason I got it in my head that Nicole would have been the one having all the fun, not her sister getting the biggest part of the fun.

I guess if your just in a mood for some porn without much romance this would be for you. Other than that, please check out quite a few reviews before buying this one. 

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