Monday, January 24, 2011

Review Passion by Lisa Valdez

Title: Passion
Author: Lisa Valdez
Source: Bought
Genre: Historical Romance
Authors Website:
Format: eBook
Length: Novel

Young widow Passion Dare thought she'd never love again. But a handsome earl has been pursuing her- and after a lifetime of propriety, Passion ponders throwing caution to the wind. After several heady encounters, the pair must face blackmail, learn a shocking truth-and choose between duty and desire.


Dee's Thoughts:
Passion was in a loveless marriage for three years. After his death Passion decides to go into mourning for two years, that way she will not be courted by other suitors. Having experienced a loveless marriage with no pleasure being found in the bed Passion is not looking for husband number two. But she would not mind a little action. A gorgeous, dominant man to show her pleasure can be found against a wall, on the floor, on the bed, in public, in private…well let’s just say he shows her a LOT - O - Pleasure!! Oh Yeah!

Mark lived through a childhood watching his father give all of his love and devotion to a ho-bag of a mother. His mother never showed his father or Mark an ounce of affection or love. Needless to say, witnessing this one sided marriage Mark swore he would never wed.

When Mark laid eyes on Passion he knew he had to have her. Seeing the need in her eyes drives Mark insane with lust and something else he can’t define. The fire that ignites between them is greater than any Mark has known. Mark is beginning to think Passion may be the one woman he never wants to be rid of.

**WARNING** This novel contains a whole lot of sexiness. Mark’s way with words can cause hyperventilation, and his sexual actions can make you dizzy and in some cases cause you to go looking for ya man. Hallelujah! This book is sassy!

Favorite Quote:

“I told you I had what you needed,…Look it’s crying to be inside you.”

I know you are waiting for it.....BAM:

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