Sunday, January 23, 2011

Review Steam Toys by Destiny Blaine

Title: Steam Toys
Author: Destiny Blaine
Source: Requested review
Genre: Erotic Steampunk- m/f/m
Buy link: Aspen Mountain press

Heidi Labeidi, a successful Nevada brothel owner, had the world by its tail until her deceptive lover Stan Graves disposed of her. Lost somewhere between life and the afterlife, Heidi materializes in her former home thirty years after her death. She has a second chance and she’s hell bent on solving her own murder. 

With a knack for creating pleasure-inducing trinkets and furniture, Edward Brady is an eccentric mad scientist on the verge of greatness. He’s also in desperate need of an assistant and his problems are solved when he discovers a sensual ghost enjoying his sex toys.

Heidi has something to offer Edward but her assistance comes at a price. And when Edward becomes an assassin’s mark, only Heidi can help him. Will Edward barter with a ghost who can save him and if he does, will the former madam become the one woman Edward is unable to resist?

My Review:


Steam Toy’s is fitting name for this erotic Steampunk story. If you every wanted to know what BDSM or sex toy would be in the steampunk future you have to check this book out. You’ll find a mystery, some action, hot m/f/m with anal sex and lets don’t forget all the unusual of sex toys oh my! I found this novella quick and fun to read. I enjoyed the characters and the plot. The only thing I wish it would have been a tad more on the romantic side.


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