Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Book Review

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Author: Sydney Croft
Rating: Extremely Hot!!!
Caution: There is one brief scene of M/M

I loved this book. It's got a ton of sex and just as much action. Guess what? Sometimes you get both at the same time. Try to figure that out! Ha! I read about sex in the kitchen, sex in the yard, sex on a boat and that's just the first few chapters!! It certainly had me fanning myself. So here's what it's all about.

Remy is an ex-seal with the ability to control the weather, but with a big catch; the weather controls him also. As in he has to have sex when a storm hits.
Haley is a parameterologist that is sent by her agency, ACRO, to study and determine if the stories Remy’s father is telling are true. If so she is to bring him to join her agency before ITOR gets to him because ITOR doesn’t give their recruits an option of joining. They are in it to use the recruits and their extraordinary powers for their own dangerous advancements.

Is Remy really connected in some way to Mother Nature? Absolutely!

After Haley pays Remy’s father to call him to come home due to an emergency, she's already gotten set up at Remy’s cabin when he arrives during a nasty storm. She finds out immediately how much the weather does have a hold on him and realizes her plan to study Remy as a professional isn’t going to be possible. She just can’t stay away from him and why would she want to? Remy is much more than she expected and he has a sexual appetite to match his appeal.

The book jumps right into the hot and heavy between Remy and Haley and they come together with a bang after Remy realizes he doesn’t have to hold himself back with Haley like he did with other women. The sex is steamy!

There are two other ongoing stories in the book with just as much heat going on. The second one, with Creed and Annika, is so hot!! Those two have a lot of sexual tension to work out. It looks like these two additional stories are going to carry over in each book of the series. I can’t wait to see what happens with them.

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