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Review of Be Mine Tonight by Kathryn Smith

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Paranormal Romance - Vampires

Excellent!!! I could not put this book down. I read this in one day. HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 STARS

I have to let you know that this book brought tears to my eyes at the end.

Chapel and Prudence's romance wrapped me into the story. Prudence's determination to find the Holy Grail not for wealth but for healing really touched me. She was dieing at a young age and she only wanted to live and she did for a short time when Chapel came into her life.

Chapel who has lived for 6 centuries now was immortal from drinking from the Holy Grail/Bloody Grail. It turned him into a vampire but he did not like the idea of being considered a evil Monster so he vowed to the church to protect anyone from ever drinking from the grail again. Only problem was that it was taken and hidden and only a few knew where it was.

Eventually after Chapel first meets Prudence because of her quest to find the Holy Grail, he falls in love with her and she with him. When Chapel finds out her illness he only loves her more and when she finds out about what he is she wasn't scared and only loved him more. However when she figures out that he can save her and give her immortality, she longs for it but Chapel refuses to give it to her because he doesn't want to give her a curse that he believes he's been given and because of his vow with the church to protect every one from the Holy GRail and to redeem his soul so he may go to heaven one day.

But on Prudence's last breath, she tells him that she loves him and he can barley stand it and finally realizes he can't live with out her and finally she is saved.
Book description:
I am called Chapel . . .

For nearly six centuries I have roamed the night, a mortal man no longer. Would that I could undo the past -- when I entered the sanctuary of the Knights Templar to wrest from them the Holy Grail, only to discover the chalice I raised to my lips was not the sacred relic but a hellish cup of damnation. Now I shun the day and all things human, driven by an ungodly thirst. And yet...

Never have I known a maiden the like of Prudence Ryland, whose beauty and spirit awaken a heart I feared long cold and dead. But her young life is slipping away, and she also seeks the deliverance of the Grail -- unaware that the cost of her search could be her soul. I must help Prudence, for in six hundred years, no other woman has stirred my passions so. But dare I tender to my beloved that which she most desires -- the sensuous "gift" of forever that is both rapture and a curse: my immortal kiss?

book order
1.Be mine tonight
2.Night of the Huntress
3.Taken by the Night
4.Let the Night Begin
5.Night after Night

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