Friday, March 26, 2010

Review of Let the Night Begin by Kathryn Smith

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Paranormal Romance - Vampires

HOT & SEXY!!!!!

Another great story. Reign and Olivia finally get back together after 30 years of separation. Reign had turned Olivia into a vampire on their wedding night without Olivia's permision and when she realized what happened to her she was pist and even tried to kill Reign and then left.

However, here it is 30 years later and once again the order is trying to capture the ones who have the blood grail and they try to use Olivia to get to Reign by taking her nephew. Olivia has no choice but to turn to Reign because that is the ransom for in exchange for her nephews release she had to turn Reign over to them.

However, after 30 years, Olivia realizes how much she really loves Reign and they fall deeper in love with each other and Reign helps her rescue her nephew in the end and they are finally a happily married couple.

Saint & Ivy meet up with Reign and Olivia to go to France to help rescue Temple from the Order. Can't wait to read the next book to find out what happens to Temple and how the reunion will turn out when the brotherhood of the blood meet together.

Book description
A Vampire Will Not Rest Until He Satisfi es His Hunger . . .

And what I, Reign, hungered for most of all was Olivia Gavin. I have never met a woman more beautiful, more tantalizing, and so I made her my bride. She promised me her heart and soul . . . in return, I plundered her flesh, and bound her to me for all eternity. Then, terrified of what I'd made her, she fled.

Now she has returned, desperate for my help in saving her beloved nephew. But my assistance comes at a price: She must share my bed once more, for the feel of her soft skin, the heat of her kiss, excite me still. And I know she desires me, even as she resists her own heart.

Yet, as we rediscover the passion that brought us together, an enemy waits to destroy us both . .

book order
1.Be mine tonight
2.Night of the Huntress
3.Taken by the Night
4.Let the Night Begin
5.Night after Night

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