Monday, March 22, 2010

Singing the Monday Blues





In case you can't tell, I'm feeling a little blue this morning.

The last thing I wanted was for this weekend to end. I planted a bunch of trees on our street, saw Alice in Wonderland in 3d, got some new jewelry-making supplies. But as the weekend was winding down, I realized I'd lost my wallet, I didn't make any jewelry I was happy with, I didn't do any editing work on Strings, and my husband was going to have to start work Monday morning at a job he's going to hate.

How did things change so much between Friday and Monday? Friday held so much promise, but this morning I feel as gloomy as the cold, foggy weather outside.

Help me look on the bright side this morning--someone did call me saying they'd found my wallet. But it's still Monday. I'm going to go get a chai latte and take some deep breaths. If I stay busy, maybe today will go quickly.

How do you fight the blahs?

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