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Review of Night after Night by Kathryn Smith

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Paranormal Romance - Vampires


Excellent Ending for this series - I couldn't put the book down and read it straight through.

The Order of the Silver Palm finally comes to an end when Villiers the Order's leader tries to bring back Lilith through the ritual where "The scripture says, 'The noble organs of five fallen women mixed with the blood of five first-generation vampires will give the Mother life, freeing her from her prison.'That is what's needed to give her form." Pg 332

However, in order for Lilith to take form, he has to sacrifice his chosen one which happens to be Vivian, a girl he bought from a circus when she was real young and raised her knowing she was a decendent straight from Lilith. Vivian however doesn't know this growing up and doesn't find out until after she has fallen in love with Temple.

So in this ritual, Villiers plan works up to the point of using Vivian as bait to draw Temple in and his Bloodbrothers of the blood but gets a big surprise when Lilith doesn't use Vivian's body for Liliths form to go into and inhabit.

Villiers gets another surprise, bringing Lilith forth and his expectency of her being thankful and granting him anything he wishes for - well is not what he gets. Actually this pisses Lilith off that he would harm her children and actually kill Vivian when he realizes he's not going to get what he wants. All hell breaks loose and The Bloodbrothers and Lilith tear the place apart. Villiers meets his end but Temples love is laying on a table dead and his heart is breaking.

Lilith and the Bloodbrothers feel his pain and Lilith takes Vivian in her arms and gives her immortality by turning her into a vampire then gives her to Temple and tells him to take care of her for eternity.

I loved how this story ends - Now that the Order of the Silver Palm is completely destroyed and Lilith has been brought forward and freed, she needed to learn about the earths people so she ends up staying in Clare, Irland where Temple had bought a place that was a school that worship the goddess Lilith - what better way to have the goddess herself teach at her own school while she learned about the humans way of life.

All the Brotherhood return back to their lives and some of them actually even have children later on in life and Lilith eventually leaves the school in hunt for Sammael, the man who had originally imprisoned her in to the chalice that the Brotherhood drank from in the beginning. Who knows, maybe one day she will catch him - I feel sorry for him if she catches him - LOL

Once again, great ending for the series.

Book Description
Centuries ago, this magnificent chalice sealed my fate as a vampire, and now I am its protector. Many have hunted me for it, but only Vivian has accomplished the task. Strong, lovely, haunted . . . I am more attracted to her than I should be, yet her loyalty lies with a man determined to bring about my destruction. But I am not so easily locked in a cage, and now the captive has become the captor.

Though her stormy eyes tempt me, there is too much at stake—not merely my life, but the lives of my vampire Brotherhood. And I am not above using Vivian to achieve my goals, even if it means denying my own heart. The battle to end all battles is just beginning, and I must fight . . . if I could only let my desire be damned.”

book order
1.Be mine tonight
2.Night of the Huntress
3.Taken by the Night
4.Let the Night Begin
5.Night after Night

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