Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Book Signing

Good Morning! Well it's early here, but I was thinking about something and I wanted to tell you all before I forget.

This is yours head's up guys.

J.R. Ward is coming. There are two book signings in KY celebrating the release of Lover Mine, due out April 27th. Here are some details:

May 8th at The Bookstore in Radcliffe, KY- time TBA
May 15th at 2 p.m. at the Borders in Crestview, KY

Last year Laurie and I attended the one in Radcliffe and had a lot of fun. It was really cool just to meet JR and listen to her talk about Covet. Of course if you're lucky and get to go you'll probably here a secret or two!! There's always a couple of tidbits she lets slip during her visit. If you are thinking about going you should give the bookstores a call and see what arrangements they are planning for her visit. I know when Laurie and I went last year we had to buy the book at the Bookstore to reserve a spot for the signing, but no worries you can make your purchase over the phone and that guarantees you will have a spot!! The plans for this year might be different so please do some digging for your choice of signings and find out specifics!!

Laurie and I plan to attend the one in Radcliffe again this year so hopefully we might run into some of you if you're close of enough to make the trip. Be sure to email us if you are thinking of going so we can meet and greet each other. It would be awesome to get to know some of you! If you aren't sure about the trip I'll say this, that for me and Laurie neither bookstore is in our backyard so you won't be the only one making a road trip that day! But it's a fun event and I think it's worth it just to meet other readers that have the same interest.

Here a little bit more information. There is a virtual signing this time. It opens March 22nd and closes Monday, April 19th. When the virtual signing opens there will be a link that I'll try to post back out here for you guys. The official first signing will be at The Romantic Times Convention on Saturday, May 1st. According to her Facebook page their will be doing a contest of some kind to give away two signed copies (hopefully) and there is more to come so stay tuned.

Keep checking back with us also, we might have a special surprise for a one lucky follower.

Have a great day everybody. Talk to you soon!

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