Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Contest Reminder

Hi guys! I wanted to stop by and say
a couple of things to everyone. First, Happy Tuesday!! Well it's better
than Monday right?

Second if you haven't already seen Monday's post, the INTERVIEW with
LAURA STAMPS includes a CONTEST. It's a chance to win a PDF copy of the
first 3 chapters, Volume 1 of Vampire's
Kiss. The drawing will be done on Fri, April 2 (which happens to be
Laura's b-day, BTW). Laura, herself, with be emailing a copy to you
with her personal comments attached!!! Sorry really guys, I'm meant to
make a better mention of the contest, but after spending way to long
trying to fix a problem with the post (that I eventually had to delete
it and re-post) I was suffering from a migraine by the end of the night
and it totally slipped my mind that I was going to add a little
something as a reminder!! Trust me by the end I was doing good to hit
publish!! So as reminders go this is it!! Leave a comment below either
to this post or the one to the interview/review, even if it is to just
mention I'm goofy.

That's cool too!!

Have a good day all!! Talk to you soon.


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