Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Review Here Kitty, Kitty Shelly Laurenston

Here Kitty, Kitty (book three in the Magnus Pack)
Author- Shelly Laurenston
Erotic Paranormal romance- Tiger shifter

Book description:
Angelina Santiago didn't think her life could get any stranger. Her best friend is a shapeshifter. Her other best friend is in love with one. And people are actively trying to kill her. But she never thought helpful hillbillies would kidnap her, drag her cross country, and dump her at the home of their eldest brother and gorgeous shapeshifter, Nikolai Vorislav, for safe keeping. Nik the Hillbilly Tiger never wanted a woman in his life for more than a night, but he never met anyone like the psychotic hellcat his brothers drop on his doorstep. Now he has every intention of showing his little house pet exactly how strange and sexy life can get.

Laurie's reivew
rating 4/5

I really like this series. If you are a PNR person that would like to try erotica books this series would be a good start they are full of humor, danger, adventure, romance, sexy shape-shifters and great sex to boot. The downside for the whole series it each book contains quite a bit of cuss words.

Who wouldn’t love a woman that takes a tiger’s (the hillbilly, Nik) credit card and spends over 20 grand on the first day, you can say that what you get for your bothers kidnapping me.

In this book the last friend of the trio Angelia gets to find a mate. Angelia is just like her friends Sara and Miki she takes no bull (lets just say she is really a grouch! no ,sunshine about her.) so waking up after being kidnapped with a hillbilly tiger staring at her does not make her day. Things get interesting when she ends up staying a few days and uses Nicolai’s credit cards for shopping then the excitement begins.

At one point Nik brothers are in tiger form and brings her dead animals for an offering then starts fight over her until the hillbilly (Nik) steps in and stops all three brothers form fighting over her and jumps in the pool as a tiger, she is on the phone the whole time to Miki and when he comes out of the pool naked, well needless to say she couldn’t speak or close her mouth until Nik the hillbilly tells her “ catchen’ fly’s sugar”. This whole scene is so funny I was LMAO..

I really liked Nik you will feel sorry for him at times, the way Angelia is such a grouch, but he knows how to deal with her, he takes it slow and plays with her just like a cat until he pounces and there is no turning back for her then.. This is book three its best to read them in order, so you know how this kidnapping comes about and other things.

1.Pack Challenge
2.Go Fetch!
3.Here Kitty, Kitty
4.The Mane Squeeze

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